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Who Would You Rather Was Wiped From Doctor Who's History? Steven Moffat or Matthew Waterhouse?

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I was watching Earthshock the other day, and on the extras there was the docu that had Moff and Gatiss before they came to work on DW.

Gatiss was okay, but Moff even back then was a self loathing fanboy.

Still what made me laugh was the way he was so vicious to Matthew Waterhouse, calling him one of the biggest mistakes DW ever made.

So I thought I'd do a poll. Who would you rather was deleted from DW's history?

I'm going to say Moff. As much as I like Matt Smith, Karen Gillan, the Angels and season 5 of New Who, Moff's sins are far too great.

He destroyed one of the greatest villains in the shows history (the Master), he wrecked the ending of one of its most beloved characters (the Brig), he destroyed one of its core concepts (regeneration.) And from the looks of things he's going to trash William Hartnell and his Doctor in the Christmas special

He also bent over backwards and handed the show over to the most hateful, ignorant and spiteful audience, the SJW's just because they said mean words about him.

He also wasted one of the greatest leading men the show ever had, Peter Capaldi and outright insulted him throughout his tenure. To start with he showed he had 0 faith in him from the start by bringing in Matt Smith to beg Clara (and through her the audience) to like Peter Capaldi.

Also he put too much focus on who his successor would be than on him. Like look at Missy. Rather than try and create an enemy who was perfect for Capaldi, he made the Master a woman just to set up the next Doctor being a woman. He also had Capaldi do things like shoot the general which wrecked his character, just so that they could stick in a gender bending regeneration.

He also botched his characterisation by making him play it as a Matt Smith, David Tennant type of Doctor with the stupid tank bit, and his infatuation with Clara too.

Worst of all Capaldi's career has probably been fucked by this as he will undoubtedly be made the fall guy, whilst Moff whose in with the bricks will go on to wreck more beloved characters.

So yes Moff is a far worse stain on DW. I actually quite liked Adric anyway. His story arc was great, and he was useful to the Doctor, and I liked the way he was so tragic. Its sad the way he never fitted in anywhere and his death is one of the bleakest moments in Who history.

Thanks to Waterhouse we got a stunning companion exit. Thanks to Moff we got so many icons of the show being trashed.

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Moffat (with the caveat that we get someone else to hire Smithy and Kazza). Wink

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Even if Adric died in the new series, they'd include a shot of The Doctor visiting him as a child!
Another vote for Moff then.

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Adam Ant Driver

Adam Ant Driver
Dick Tater
Can't say I was ever a fan of Adric but I never had any strong feelings against him or Matthew Waterhouse which puts him ahead of Moffat. I wonder how much Christmas festivities will really be people celebrating seeing the back of him.

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Not much to celebrate. His replacement already appears to be a prize cunt. Rolling Eyes

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I must confess, I never really understood the hate that always got levelled at poor old Adric. Yeah, sure. Matthew Waterhouse was a pretty lousy actor and his character was rather grating and arrogant at times, but I never really found him to be quite THAT bad. Plus, his death in Earthshock was easily one of the most shocking and poignant moments in the show's history.

Frankly, I'd take Adric any day over the obnoxious loudmouth, Tegan.

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Adric's death had a subtle simplicity about it which would have been totally absent were his death to have been played out in the Moffatt era. - sign-posted, spoilt, over-egged, etc.

Divinely sweet and gorgeous.
But enough about me.
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And then retconned.

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False dichotomy.

Why use an axe when you can use a scalpel.

Keep the good bits of both eras. Moffat's tenure shortened, and less of a terribly-acted, adolescent mathematical spod making the show tediously hard work to watch.

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I liked Adric and his death had a profound impact on my young life. I still remember the silent credits rolling over the shot of his crushed gold star.
Wipe the shit stain that was Colin Baker.

Up Yours,

Colin Baker was an excruciating failure as DW, routinely ranked dead last in fan polls and widely considered the start of the careening path to cancellation a few years later.
The best that can be said for it is that the idea behind the Sixth Doctor's unlikeable character wasn't terrible; but the actual presentation was not just terrible, but toxic.
JNT gives us an extreme Doctor, in the way that Rob Liefeld comics, Poochie from the Simpsons, and Mountain Dew Code Red are extreme: A crude version of the good stuff that equates being louder with being more awesome.
The obnoxiousness of the Doctor's personality might have worked better if they hired someone who could actually act, but all the audience got was horrible OTT pantomiming flaring nostrils.
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You could always dub over Waterhouse to make him sound less shit. But you couldn't redub an entire episode of DW, say Kill the Moon, and make it any less shit.

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I can imagine Chibbers bringing both back - Waterhouse as a grown-up Adric clone and Moff as guest writer...

Nu Who: The Beast Must Die.
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