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Moffat the Showrunner Vs. Moffat the Writer

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1Moffat the Showrunner Vs. Moffat the Writer Empty Moffat the Showrunner Vs. Moffat the Writer on Mon Feb 20, 2017 11:22 pm

Moffat was possibly the best writer of the RTD era but as a showrunner, he has been dreadful. One of his main faults being that his story arcs are usually terrible and convoluted - or do you disagree?

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No, but it's not just the arc it's everything else.
I honestly don't know what's happened to him. I still love Press Gang to bits, Coupling was amusing enough (season 3 was probably the best), his RTD work was stellar and series 5 remains my favourite of New Who with by far the best new series TARDIS crew too... and then it all just went to absolute shit and his era has become the worst ever.

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Moffat was a great showrunner IMO up until series 8. Yes there was some crap along the way but had he left then it would have been a good solid era of DW for the most part.

Its from series 8 on that it goes to absolute shit and he becomes the worst showrunner the series has ever seen.

Its unbelievable but he is doing things in the Capaldi era that he wrote in a parody in 1999.

Remember the Curse of Fatal Death? Everything in that is actually IN the Capaldi era! (to be fair some of it was in the Matt Smith era but still lets look at the similarities.)

In Curse of Fatal Death the Doctor wants to marry his companion and retire. Matt married River and retired in series 7 in the Snowman.

In the Curse of Fatal Death the Doctor beats the Master by going backwards in time and doing something nice for someone so that it benefits him in the future. This happens in the Dalek two parter where he goes back in time and saves Davros so he plants a little bit of mercy in the Daleks that allows him to save Clara.

The Master ends up in the sewers of a planet.

The Master is an incompetent idiot who is beaten by his own stupidity. Missy was beaten by handing the Doctor her Cyber army without a fail safe.

And finally, time lords changing gender. Rather than the Doctor he had the Master turn into a woman. Thus the Master has real Dalek bumps and there are accompanying infantile jokes about the Master being girly and gay and the Doctor and the Master fall in love because one changed gender.

Steven Moffat has now turned the show into a parody of a parody of itself!

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I thought series 8 and 9 were better than 6 and 7, but still had many pointed out above me, series 9 rehashed everything from the Red Nose spoof (and one of the prolouges for the series acutally quote lines from it) and series 8 had some dire stuff in the midst of the series, there's only three standouts from that series, and one ("Listen") is  let down by Moffat's urge to tamper with established mythology and catapult Clara into Scrappy Doo's Perfect Sue territory

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I think his point at the end about logical consistency in Time Travel narratives is one of the reasons Moffat's era suffered as his more than any other used time travel as a plot device. It's like he was fascinated by the things he was worst at, like surprises

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His ego is the problem. He works well when he's bounded, Doctor Who under another showrunner, Sherlock when it was an actual adaptation. Give him free reign and it just becomes a plate for his weekly ego feasts.

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A virtue signaller, an SJW, and a Feminist walk into a bar and the bartender says "Hello, Mr Moffat".

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Moffat is more like a dad trying to act like a hip feminist to the embarrassment of his kids

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@Zarius wrote:Moffat is more like a dad trying to act like a hip feminist to the embarrassment of his kids

Dad dancing with a tie around his head, like Rambo, is a perfect analogy for some of his writing king

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Moffat is just one giant mid-life crisis at this point. Women have surgery, men try to be down with the cool kids.

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