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BBC Bringing Back Saturday Morning Kid's TV

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The new CBBC show currently has the working title of Live and Dangerous, and will feature celebrities, sketches, games and gunge. The show is scheduled to premiere in September and will run for 12 weeks

Two concerns I have is the running time it will be permitted, and whether or not it'll have any decent cartoons and not just CBBC channel exclusives...ITV are pretty stacked with the current Marvel, Disney and CN library at the moment

I also doubt it'll be as on-the-nose as Trevor and Simon's material or even crudely subversive as Dick'N'Dom

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I don't think I caught Paralel Nine when it was on...I may have seen a bit, but I was generally an ITV guy in the summer months when the replacement shows were on

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A wasted endevor. Children don't watch TV these days. It's all youtube.

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Correct Mr. Monk.

The divvies at the beeb are stuck in a time warp.

Oh, hang on...

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I feel the same way about the countryside, all that shit is on googlemaps these days so why bother?

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Showing my age here. Coolest Saturday TV titles ever + Xenon or Space Harrier challenge in every episode.

(Titles start 0.42)

For those who remember.

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Blue Peter in danger as recent broadcast fails to record a single viewer

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It's not aged well, plus most of the things it did are covered comprehensively by the internet.

Blue Peter - even the name and logo makes little to no sense to kids these days - a crusty old blue sailing ship with a name that sounds like a gay porn film.

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Apparently they changed the name from Live and Dangerous to the utterly mild Saturday Mash-Up Mad

Starts 30th September, and it will be on BBC TWO also (boo, toss Breakfast off and stick it on BBC ONE)

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