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Your favourite social and political commentators

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I was just wondering which if any, people in the media do you agree with/listen to the most? Me I divide it into three categories. There are people I listen to who I agree with most of the time and who I would say I am a fan of by and large. Then there are people who I disagree with a lot but agree with a lot too. I wouldn't say I am necessarily a fan of them, but there are times when they are brilliant.

Finally there are those who I disagree with about 90 percent of the time and in some cases, even dislike, but I listen to them just as much as its important to know what the other side thinks and not seal yourself in an echo chamber.

Those I agree with most of the time

John Pilger: Been a fan of his since I was a teenager. My parents were big admirers of his and I first saw his work through them. His work on Iraq, and Vietnam is very highly recommended. He is probably the best critic on American foreign policy I've ever seen as his work is very thorough and well researched.

I in particular like this video he did on Trump and Clinton. He supports Trump, but he is NOT a fanboy of Trump by any means. He takes a balanced, and objective approach to them both.

He also is a staunch critic of identity politics, and was in fact criticising it long before many of the most outspoken anti SJW's like Sargon of Akkad. This video is quite interesting where he talks about idiot SJW's turning on him simply for saying that he didn't think Obama would be a good President (boy was he right about that!)

The only time I get frustrated with Pilger is that he is a bit of an Islam apologist at times. His comments about 9/11 in particular were terrible. He's not th worst Islam apologist, but he is still a bit too right on at times which is a shame. By and large though I do still respect him a lot.

Christina Hoff Sommers: One of the very few feminists I respect. Sommers videos of third wave feminism are excellent. Much like Pilger she was one of the first critics of identity politics. She was attacking it way back in the 90's. Its funny in a way leftists, and feminists like Pilger and Sommers saw this shit coming before even a lot of people on the right did. Sadly they were not listened to and their influence fell, which resulted in the destruction of feminism and the left.

I can't think of anything I really disagree with Sommers on? She is maybe a bit more to the right than I am, but still, great woman all around.

Brendan O'Neill: One of the few people on the left, along with John Pilger who criticises identity politics. I agree with him on most things, not all, but I have never found myself being greatly frustrated with him.

ShoeOnHead: Politically she is more neutral than Pilger or O'Neill, but her videos on SJW's and feminists are brilliant. Its also refreshing to see someone who is genuinely at the centre and laughs at both sides too.

Chris Ray Gun: Much like Shoe he is more politically neutral (he even said he didn't vote in the 2016 election as he despised both Clinton and Trump) He kind of reminds me of Shoe in a way. Someone who sits in the middle and laughs at the foaming right and left which again is why I think he is quite an accessible and popular youtuber.

Blaire White: Often dismissed as being a member of the alt right, Blaire again is someone I'd say is more in the centre of things, though she is probably more critical of the left and its collusion with Islam which is fair enough. I'd also say she has a bit more of an acid tongue than Chris or Shoe too, and is a bit more hard hitting but that works in her favour most of the time.

Angry Foreigner: He really sheds a lot of light on the problems with mass uncontrolled immigration and the rise of Islamic influence in Sweden as well as the self loathing of so many western countries.

Tree of Logic: Probably one of the harshest critics of Islam, not that that's a bad thing. Tree's videos are very funny and its quite refreshing the way she really just doesn't hold anything back. Her take down of Sarah Boo in particular never fails to make me laugh.

Ayaan Hirsi Ali: A true feminist hero (and there really aren't that many around anymore) Hirsi Ali risks her life every day in order to defend rights for women, LGBT people and indeed for freedom of speech for us all. Though I don't always agree with her on everything, I can't help but have nothing but tremendous respect for her.

Those who are sometimes great and sometimes wrong

Paul Joseph Watson: Paul is way too right wing for me a lot of the time. He is a huge admirer of Margaret Thatcher, he also I feel tries to do down western societies sins. Obviously western society is better than any Islamic one, but that does not mean we are blameless! Surely there is a fine line between being self loathing and what Paul does. Also a lot of his videos on feminism can get too nasty and personal, going on about how all feminists are just fat, ugly bitches who can't get laid. IMO that is a pathetic way of arguing.

However that said his videos on Islam and its apologists are excellent. He's also done great videos eviscerating Hillary Clinton and her supporters and he has debunked a lot of harmful and poisonous myths like white privilege.

Abby Martin: I liked Breaking the Set by and large and like John Pilger she has done great videos on the disasters of Western intervention. It was also through her that I found out what a disgusting person Hillary Clinton was too.

However she is an absolute rank Islam apologist. Worse than even certain people on the old Hive LOL. She always shouts people like Sam Harris down as racists for bringing up any criticism of Islam. Its like her brain just can't process anything bad about the so called Religion of Peace.

Computing Forever: He does great videos on SJW's and identity politics. His regressive news video series is brilliant in particular and he seems a fair, decent guy who is willing to listen to other people's points. However by his own admission he is very right wing and thus naturally I am opposed to many of his views. He is against gay marriage for instance which I support very strongly.

Russell Brand: He talks crap about a lot of things. He is a big SJW and another dreadful Islam apologist too. However politically I think he is a lot better. I loved his vids on Scottish independence and he tends to take a more balanced view on Trump and Hillary and Obama which is refreshing.

Pat Condell: One of the all time best critics on Islam and political correctness. I disagree with him on his support for UKIP however. I don't view UKIP as being the NAZI's like others do, but having read their manifesto I do disagree with their policy of not allowing immigrants access to the NHS for the first few years. IMO an NHS is a basic human right we all deserve.

David Wood: His videos on Islam are amazing. He really has done his research on the subject and he probably knows the ins and outs of it more than anyone else. However he is a Christian apologist and often argues against atheists like Richard Dawkins. As I am not religious I obviously clash with him on this.

Those who are wrong 90 percent of the time.

Caitlin Moran: God the definition of a career feminist. She never shuts up about how hard it is being a woman, advocates positive discrimination and wanted Hillary Clinton to win just because she was a woman.

Owen Jones: Someone I actively dislike. To start with Owen Jones is a rank Islam apologist which considering he is gay is even more ridiculous. Also on top of that he is a hypocrite. In this piece here he writes how all white men are responsible when a white man rapes a woman, as apparently we have created a rape culture, whilst at the same time this little pustule goes on about how we can't hold Islam responsible for any of the crimes carried out in its name.

Thing is Owen, being white isn't actually an ideology. Its how your born. Islam meanwhile IS an ideology. Its an ideology that says to kill all gay people! Yet it can't be held accountable when a Muslim decides to kill some gay people? It would be like me saying that all black people should be held accountable for an evil black guy, but Nazism, an ideology isn't accountable for any crimes carried out in its name.

I also hate the way he tries to come across as reasonable and fair and willing to listen to other people in his vids, yet he shouts people down and refuses to listen to them if he disagrees with their opinions, like Douglas Murray who he deplatformed after the Orlando attack because he tried to link it to Islam. See here.

He is a little twerp IMO.

Anita Sarkeesian: The worst example of third wave feminism. This woman is a classic example of a witchfinder. She basically wants to use feminism to make a name for herself, make lots of cash, but doesn't actually want to battle against genuine sexism like Ayaan Hirs Ali does. So she picks on benign targets like video games, comic books, tv shows and gets offended over nothing in them (things like Batman's arse).

Sadly however she has along with others influenced a whole generation of young women and men to think the same way, which has led to many great works of fiction (including Doctor Who itself) to be compromised with identity politics bullshit.

Michael Moore: The definition of a sell out. Michael Moore really showed his true colours with his support of Hillary Clinton. This is a man who has spent the last 15 or so years criticising wars and disasterous foreign policies that she had a hand in, even as late as July 2016 he shuddered on camera at the thought of Hillary becoming President. Yet a few months later he is suddenly telling us all that she is a kind, decent person and wanting ot organise a revolution because she didn't win?

Plus he also goes in for identity politics bullshit. He has said many times that he wants more LGBT people, women and black people in positions of power. Now obviously I have no objection any LGBT person, or woman being in a position of power provided they are a good, competent person. Sexuality, gender, race shouldn't matter one bit, but Michael Moore says it does because he wants to keep in with Millenials. He's like an aging sad git who knows his time of relevance is over but can't face it yet so he's embracing identity politics in a last desperate attempt to stay in the limelight. Its like that Zappa song "I think the kids and their music is where its at"

Also he was part of the woman's march which included among its speakers, Donna Hylton, a woman who tortured a gay guy to death, and was organised by former Nazi George Sorros and a woman thinks Sharia Law is a good thing. Michael Moore as PJW said is a sack of shit.

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Getting your news and opinions from 'commentators' is a bit like basing your dinner on someone else's vomit.

I've stopped watching a lot of the youtube crap i.e. Sargon, PJW, etc, as they are intellectually fraudulent.

I'm not saying you should butt-fuck the MSM, but I think it's better to listen to a broad range of proper journalists than these purveyors of specious, button-pressing, rage-fishing crap.

Better still, pick up some heavy tomes and start reading something with some intellectual weight.

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@Cunt wrote:Getting your news and opinions from 'commentators' is a bit like basing your dinner on someone else's vomit.

I've stopped watching a lot of the youtube crap i.e. Sargon, PJW, etc, as they are intellectually fraudulent.

I'm not saying you should butt-fuck the MSM, but I think it's better to listen to a broad range of proper journalists than these purveyors of specious, button-pressing, rage-fishing crap.

Better still, pick up some heavy tomes and start reading something with some intellectual weight.  

You are right that its best to have a broad range of people to listen to, but TBH mainstream journalists these days have no more credibility than youtube celebs. They all have their biases. Like look at Rachel Maddow actually saying on air when Trump won "you're awake by the way, you didn't die, you're not hallucinating this is your life now!"

I'd like to think that I do have a wide range of people I listen to however. For instance Abby Martin and Pat Condell are on opposite ends of the political spectrum. Its best to go to different people for different things.

Like Abby vs Sam Harris. When it comes to Islam she is fucking awful. She just will not hear ANY criticism of the religion. However when it comes to Hillary Clinton, Sam is crap. He overlooks all of her faults and comes out with ridiculous hyperbole like "I would vote for Hillary even if she were on life support" and also comes out with the usual Trump is a psychopath, literally Hitler. Abby meanwhile did great videos on Hillary that really showed what a corrupt bitch she was.

See here, Abby on Islam.

Sam Harris on Islam

Abby on Hillary,

Sam Harris on Hillary and Trump.

George Galloway vs Paul Joseph Watson meanwhile? On Islam George is a rank apologist who makes a complete tit of himself all the time. Look at this vid of him getting owned on his own show. Its glorious! PJW meanwhile obviously has done some great vids on Islam.

However on other things like Thatcher however I'd agree with Galloway. PJW makes out Thatcher is a hero, whilst Galloway obviously does not. This vid he did on her here after her death is brilliant.

So again I think I would agree that its best to draw from different people, but I think in all fairness I do do that.

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I know fuck all about politics so I have fuck all to contribute to this thread Wink

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I try to avoid all of it as it all just pisses me off no end. Let the idiots squabble and rip each other to shreds; I only care if they come round my house, at which point it's foot in the arse time. Wink

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@iank wrote:I try to avoid all of it as it all just pisses me off no end. Let the idiots squabble and rip each other to shreds; I only care if they come round my house, at which point it's foot in the arse time. Wink

I can understand that attitude. The foaming left, and the foaming right really are the same thing in many ways.

Still personally I find it hard to get away from it for many reasons.

Frst of all feminists have to make everything about them. The education system has to be all about their crap. Little white boys are actually being taught in school that they have privilege and are inherently racist. White guys are being sent to consent classes that treat all men as rapists too at school's, and then there is the horrendous state of University's.

Plus any form of entertainment or fun has to either be censored or revolve around feminism too.

Like Halloween that has to be censored as to what costumes can and cannot be allowed. Watch this vid here, its hilarious. A feminist freaks out because a guy didn't ban Halloween costumes that offended her.

Then of course countless video games, comic books, and tv shows are tarred as sexist, racist and homophobic by feminists for the stupidest reasons like "it has a white male lead!". So the makers of these things often pander to them. Doctor Who is of course a great example of this with its bigging Clara up, female Master, possible female Doctor, anti male jokes etc.

You can't get away from them even in your hobbies, but worse than that ironically for all their SJW nonsense they have actually made things worse for genuine social justice. They have managed to destroy the credibility of the left and pushed the next generation to conservatives, whilst making the most racist, sexist, homophobic ideology on earth (Islam of course) bullet proof as anyone who criticises it is called racist!

Whole countries are being destroyed by this leftist lunacy like Sweden.

This vid by Angry Foreigner really goes into how bad Sweden is as a result of this multiculturism bullshit.

Of course all this SJW bullshit is doing is going to lead to more support for looney right wingers who sadly at this point are among the only people saying it like it is Re: Islam and at the very least are not telling people that not using the correct gender pronouns is a hate crime.

Thus whilst I can understand keeping out of it and getting fed up of me always going on about it LOL. I do think that these people are hard to ignore as they try and take over every aspect of your life, and their actions are destroying the left, destroying fucking countries and are going to lead to a massive right wing backlash that makes Donald Trump look like Clement Atlee.

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Anyone who turns up on my doorstep gets short shrift.

Never forget the time David Willets knocked our door and asked my Dad if he could count on his vote.

"Not fucking likely!"


Even the dog laughed.

Years later, I was walking in the countryside in Chalton with a very good friend of mine when Willets came round the corner with his dog and his wife. I leapt in, shook his hand and pretended as if I knew him. He played along for about 5 minutes before his wife dragged him away from me.

He told me an interesting anecdote about a certain politician that I dare not repeat here for fear of security service reprisals.

I think he might have been drunk.

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Slavoj Žižek.

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