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Why did the filming style change so much mid Baker era?

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A lot of the JNT stories in the Baker and Davinson era often feel like a stage patomine to me. Bright lights, simple shots and an almost heart heartedness to the whole effort in terms of how it was filmed.

Compare Inferno, Ambassadors of Death or Invasion to say Horns of Nimron or Warriors of the deep and you will get what I mean. Granted, the other studios had more outside shots, but even the set pieces seemed better done.

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This is mainly a stylistic change. Nearly all 80s TV was over-lit - from talk shows to dramas.

Currently, there is an obsession with unnatural blue in daylight scenes (especially in sci-fi), but it permeates all types of TV and cinema. I call it Bleak-o-vision, as it makes me want to fill a bath and get the blades out.

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Cartmel commented on this, noting that he gained the nickname "the Prince of Darkness" because he was always going round on set telling them to turn the fucking lights down! Big Grin

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Cartmel was script editor though, would they listen to him?

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