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Scarlett Johanson bullied out of doing film by SJWs

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See here.

Getting Angry on Twitter

See what I mean? All the people who told me that there is no way Steven Moffat was pandering to these people with Missy after the SJWs slandered him? Scarlett Johanssen is a big Hollywood star! Is it really so unbelievable that all of this shit happened in DW for the same reason?

These people are liars and they are bullies and they stop at nothing to get what they want which is what makes them so dangerous. Its time someone in the entertainment industry developed a backbone and told them to fuck off. I hope this movie bombs.

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It genuinely boggles the mind. Whatever happened to telling morons to go fuck themselves? These twats only have power if you allow them to.

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That's really shitty and all, but... why is this in the NuWho section exactly?

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@DeadManRising wrote:That's really shitty and all, but... why is this in the NuWho section exactly?

Well because this is IMO exactly what happened with Steven Moffat circa 2013-14 when he got slandered by these people and started to fill the show with their shit.

A lot of people thought I was seeing things that weren't there, but IMO this among other things shows how these people are not just crazies online. They DO influence people because they are a fanatical hate mob.

See also Peter Davison being chased off of twitter.

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Commander Maxil

Commander Maxil
Dick Tater
I find that extremely disgusting. We live in a world now where anything can be challenged if you cause a big enough stink on twitter. This is mob-like mentality.

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Appeasement is always fruitless in the long term. Bare in mind that what these people 'want' is not truly what they claim it to be, what they desire is to push people into the dirt to make themselves feel the better person. You can give these people everything and they will continue to villainise you.

Moffat never learned this lesson, destroying his own legacy for the people who continue to hate him. Submission.

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