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Helpful book recommendations

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Dick Tater
The Wellness Syndrome by Carl Cederström and André Spicer.

I started reading this earlier this year, and it really struck a chord with me about my struggle to feel at ease with modern culture. About how and why modern society has become like an almost dystopian happiness cult, fanatically obsessed with the idea of wellness and upbeatness, and how ironically it's left us feeling more stressed and alienated, and made being unhappy and having human moments of complaint even more stigmatized.

It certainly made me think of fandom's New Who cheerleaders and the cult of RTD as I read it. And it made me realize why I'd never been happy or in synch with that happiness culture I'd been trying to chase and be part of, and yet always felt maybe had a chilling heart to it.

Why indeed it's often been hard to judge who to fit in and get along with because it has meant that in our modern hedonistic workplace culture of team-building trips and the like, it's easy to misread people who can seem all indie, fun-loving and easygoing, and yet can turn out to be as ruthlessly petty and authoritarian as any businessman in a suit.

And from reading it, I became more comfortable with who I am, regardless what society wants me to be. So I'd definitely recommend that one.

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