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Pepsi Maxil

Pepsi Maxil
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I was so inspired by the mental health program with Prince William and the Football players the other night that I decided to create a section dedicated to speaking about mental health. I'm not a professional, but if you feel confident enough to talk about your own struggles then go for it. I'm always here to exchange stories and talk about my own mental issues and what kind of things I do to fight it.

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I have aspergers spectrum disorder and ptsd I struggle with trauma from past at times bad temperamental family members but luckily I have a awesome partner Jen and a sweet mother in law I call mom.

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Hi Doctor7, welcome to the wellbeing board.

I'm on the spectrum myself too. Got assessed and diagnosed in early 2013. Helped me make sense of an awful lot of stuff. So you're not alone there.
I grew up with a rather volatile, bullying older sister who had bi-polar, so I know vaguely what you mean about suffering difficult relatives as well.

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Yes I had a really mean uncle who had a bad temper and dad .my mom accused me of being a weight set killer called the cops on me.she has paranoia schizophrenia.

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