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Space Documentary about our Galaxy's future

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1Space Documentary about our Galaxy's future Empty Space Documentary about our Galaxy's future on Mon 06 May 2019, 12:31 am

Interesting, if unnerving stuff....

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My God, these US space docs are so fucking portentous and dramatic.

Give me the good old days of Carl Sagan speaking in an adult cadence, set to a beautiful mise-en-scène of low-tech graphics, space art and strains of Vangelis, as opposed to this bombastic, hyperactive, CGI low-attention hyperbolic crap that now passes for educational programming.

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Well fair enough if you don't like the presentation, but I wouldn't say it was less educational for it. It certainly taught me something new about galaxy formation and recent new astronomy science.

Still, I'll give Carl Sagan a look. Some of his Cosmos episodes are still on youtube.

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If you want peak Sagan, read Pale Blue Dot.

If you want really good space science and futurism, check out John Michael Godier's Event Horizon and Isaac Arthur on Youtube. Similarly, Fraser Cain's interviews with top scientists and futurists, and open Q&A sessions are top quality. Launchpad Astronomy with Prof. Christian Ready is pukka, and Aton Petrov's universe sandbox animations and explanations of current discovers are well worth a gander too.

Hmm, who else? Potholer54 for straight up climate denial debunking, SciManDan for ripping the piss out of flat earthers, space deniers, etc. PBS Spacetime for hard scientific (undergraduate level) astrophysics, PBS Eons for geological, archaeological science.

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Ah okay. I'll look them up and try and track down a copy of Pale Blue Dot.

I've currently got a big reading list, but I could do with a break from reading about Middle Eastern politics.

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I never saw the point of documentaries - aside from 'footage focused' types.

Takes an hour to deliver the same amount of information that you could have got from a five-minute glance on Wikipedia.

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Well, at best a documentary can present the information in a way that feels like a cathartic journey. Like you're experiencing the chilling wonders of the universe rather than just being told facts about it.

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Great documentary without the usual wide-eyed, bombastic, Americanised crap.

Took me back to the days of the early Horizon documentaries. Similar, clinical analysis without the need to 'hype the awesomeness' of everything. Because science is fucking awesome on it's own without that shit.

Details on early star and galaxy formation that, while no surprise to me, have never been presented so cogently and compellingly in documentary format.

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