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The Stolen Earth/Journey's End

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1 The Stolen Earth/Journey's End on Thu Mar 16, 2017 10:11 pm

Was reading online that apparently the Stolen Earth/Journey's End went through a number of rewrites and changes due to many outside factors.

When you look at the original draft however it would have been better IMO. I know a lot of people here hate the story, but I think this would have been a bit better as the 45th anniversary story at least.

Originally the Brigadier was to have been featured. The Brig would have been reintroduced to the show in the Sontaran two parter. He would have been a father figure to Martha in the story, with the two having become very close. In Stolen Earth/Journey's End he would have escaped with Martha using the Osterhagen weapon. The two would then have teleported using the tech to the Dalek mothership. There they would have met an escaped alien prisoner. The Daleks would have abducted many species from the planets they conquered to use in the reality bomb testing. The alien would have helped them sneak their way into the Dalek main core, where they would have threatened to blow it up in the stand off with Davros, rather than the earth.

Rose would surprisingly not have appeared. She would have been in Turn Left where she would have saved Donna just like before, but she would not have been in the Stolen Earth/ Journey's End. As a result of this the meta crisis Doctor would not have been in the story either. When Donna touched the glass the energy would have just gone into her and given her time lord powers.

Donna would have saved them from the Daleks, and the Doctor would have shut down the reality bomb himself. The Doctor and his companions would then have been rescued by the shadow proclamation. They would have found the Daleks thanks to Harriet Jones' signal. The Doctor would then have been forced to lead an attack from the Shadow Proclamation against the Daleks.

Whilst the Shadow Proclamation were fighting the Daleks, then the Doctor and his companions would make their way to the Daleks core and take control of their ship. Using it to send all of the planets home and blow up the Dalek mothership.

The episode would have ended with Donna dying in the Doctors arms.

Finally the Shadow Proclamation would also have been much bigger. It would have had Zygons, Mondasian Cybermen, Krotons, Slitheen, Krilltrane, Sontarans as members of the Proclamation.

Ultimately it was changed for the following reasons. Nicholas Courtney was out of the country, and thus the Brig was stuck in Peru in the show (Martha's role in all stories was hastily rewritten and done down like the Sontaran one where she just gets kidnapped.)

Billie Piper became available and so Rose was written in, and Handy as an excuse to have her leave.

The Daleks/Proclamation war had to be cut for budgetory reasons, and the Proclamation members had to be cut down too. The towing of the earth was added at the last minute to give it a big climax.

Its a shame they never had the Brig in the show and it would have been nice to see him meet Davros.

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2 Re: The Stolen Earth/Journey's End on Thu Mar 16, 2017 10:37 pm

Interesting. I can't say I'm sorry he avoided being in the Journeys End shitfest but the Sontaran one is pretty good fun and would obviously only have benefited from the Brig's presence.

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3 Re: The Stolen Earth/Journey's End on Mon Mar 20, 2017 3:41 pm

See, stuff like this is why I think RTD really should have written comic strips and not tv.

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