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Changing standards of good writing

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1Changing standards of good writing Empty Changing standards of good writing on Sun 7 Apr - 22:52

One fairly modern development is an obsession with 'realism'.

Now I can buy it to an extent. A work is perhaps more engaging the more 'realistic' it is - which appeals to today's desires for escapism, on one hand; and a desire for basal appeals to the adrenaline rush, 'wow' moment after 'wow' moment.

Alternatively, it seems at odds with prior standards.

One example: 'anybody can die' (like in rl!). It's basically used as a selling point for every other TV show these days. Any character can die, and they are liable to die when you don't expect it - in other words, when it might not actually serve the plot.

The latter point is significant. It's fine to kill a major character, but to do it in such a way that comes across as spontaneous is really just bad writing.

Characters are supposed to serve a purpose in the art, and good art does well to conceal that purpose - hiding the 'wiring' or whatever.

Of course, if the purpose of your 'art' is simply to serve occasional adrenaline shots, then characters may well exist purely as one part 'red herring plots' that don't actually resolve but exist to mislead the reader/viewer to allow for the second part, 'shocking death'.

Still it comes across as shite to me tbh.

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I think you mean "lowering standards". Big Grin

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Dick Tater
I think this video explains the problem with modern 'realist', Sawardian trends in storytelling.

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