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Not the Feminist Cringe Thread?

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1 Not the Feminist Cringe Thread? on Mon Mar 13, 2017 11:33 pm


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2 Re: Not the Feminist Cringe Thread? on Mon Mar 13, 2017 11:34 pm

If this angry writer could design her ideal world, patriarchy, capitalism and consumerism would be bulldozed for a softer society that values love and care. Feminism would stop being just another form of middle-class aspiration and start concerning itself with those at the bottom of the system. "Feminism is – should be – a movement, not an excuse to stand still," she writes.

"We cannot create a safe world by dealing with misogyny on an individual basis. It is our entire culture, the way it runs on money, rewards inhumanity, encourages disconnection and isolation, causes great inequality and suffering, that's the enemy. That is the only enemy worth fighting." To all those safe 21st-century feminists arguing for equal pay and the right to rise to CEO, Crispin has a message: "If the conversation could shift a little. Can we stop talking about ourselves, and how feminism is about getting a good job and getting good money?

"We have to think beyond ourselves and about society. Our obligations precede our rights. "We owe something to society before we can take from society."

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