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Power Rangers

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76Power Rangers - Page 4 Empty Re: Power Rangers on Sun 20 Jan 2019, 5:17 pm

I have lost almost complete interest in the BOOM comic books. MMPR has sucked since Kyle Higgins left and Shattered Grid concluded, we're following a rag-team random team of Rangers from seasons beyond MMPR and none of them mesh well together, plus the art is bad, and there's another original Ranger. If it wasn't for the Kimberly/Skull developments going on in Go Go I would'nt be reading it either.

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77Power Rangers - Page 4 Empty Re: Power Rangers on Sun 20 Jan 2019, 6:22 pm

I've fallen behind on the BOOM series and still only have the first 2 volumes. I haven't even started any of their other titles outside of MMPR, do they all take place in the same universe?

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78Power Rangers - Page 4 Empty Re: Power Rangers on Sun 20 Jan 2019, 7:53 pm

MMPR and Go Go take place in the same universe. Go Go is a prequel set before Tommy joins the team, MMPR so far is telling a story with a different PR team after the reality-bending climax of Shattered Grid, to be honest, I have no idea what's going on in it.

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79Power Rangers - Page 4 Empty Re: Power Rangers on Sat 30 Mar 2019, 2:54 pm

Battle for the Grid has had an abysmal launch. I emailed customer support a week before it came out to clear up my confusion about their pre-order system and didn't get a reply until yesterday which was just a generic mass reply appologising for a wide range of issues. Aside from the ability to block attacks not working properly in any game mode the gameplay itself is quite fun and shows promise but it looks to be a dead game walking. Been trying to play online matches and over the week I think I've only played with the same 3 strangers, I get matched up with those same names over and over or matchmaking times out and fails to find a game.

The standard edition with the game was only £16 and I was still angry with nWay the first time I opened the game up, like I said the gameplay is fun so I've started warming to it since. They've gone about this thing entirely wrong and their marketing for the game ranged from confusing to straight up fraudulent. Their website had pre-orders available but it wasn't clear if they were for the US only or worldwide, dollars were the only currency shown when trying to place an order and they had a zero refund policy so I didn't risk it in case the game was region locked. On top of that the list of contents in the collector's edition changed multiple times even a day or two before release and when the game did come out the roster was only 9 characters rather than the advertised 12, and 2 of those 9 slots are Tommy.

I got the game through the xbox store when it became available but there was no mention of the pre-order bonus green ranger skin and the collector's edition didn't show in the store until after the game was out, so unless they add an upgrade option I can't get that content without buying the game again at a higher price, or spend £13 on the season 1 pass which will add 3 new mystery characters at an unknown time. It was also supposed to include a full story mode written by the Shattered Grid team but there's no word on that now either in the description. Once again they're happy to take your money without letting you know what it is you're paying for.

They screwed up so badly to the extent that people who pre-ordered on their own site didn't get the game or the game codes didn't work that they gave everyone who bought the game in the first week the pre-order skin anyway.

The game looks and sounds more like a mobile game than a full modern console release, doesn't play entirely as intended and is seriously lacking in content, yet I can still get a glimpse of the diamond under all the rough and I hope they can turn it around, but considering nWay is also behind Power Rangers Legacy Wars, a mobile game that's sort of fun but filled to the brim with ludicrously expensive microtransactions, and given how their entire launch strategy for the game has been to confuse and trick fans into giving them money I don't trust them to be able to.

Rant over.

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80Power Rangers - Page 4 Empty Re: Power Rangers on Sat 30 Mar 2019, 5:08 pm

In more bad news, Jason Bischoff was let go as director of creative for the brand at Hasbro

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81Power Rangers - Page 4 Empty Re: Power Rangers on Sat 11 May 2019, 10:30 am

Pua Magasiva, who played Red Ranger Shane in Power Rangers Ninja Storm, has been found dead at age 38

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82Power Rangers - Page 4 Empty Re: Power Rangers on Sun 08 Sep 2019, 10:54 am

Robert Axelrod, best known as the voice of Lord Zedd, has died

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