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Your favourite actors

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Mine would have to be

Peter Cushing: He had so many iconic performances, Van Helsing, Sherlock Holmes, Frankenstein, Winston Smith, Star Wars. He always treated any role, no matter how small, or how shit the production was, as though it were Shakespeare and elevated so many films and tv shows as a result. Total class act all around.

John Hurt: Possibly the most versatile actor. His performances as Caligula, The Horned King, The Elephant Man, Winston Smith and Quentin Crisp all couldn't be more different and are all as equally sensational.

Tim Curry: Such a charismatic, over the top and eccentric performer. Curry is also a lot more versatile than people give him credit for. How many people can put, crossdressing, sex addicted, alien scientist, giant horned Demon, eccentric Butler who is really either an FBI agent or a criminal mastermind, evil Demonic, child killing Clown and dancing, singing Pirate on their CV?

Rik Mayall: Nobody makes me laugh more than this bastard. He was more versatile than people gave him credit for. Just check out Rik Mayall presents to see him play more subdued roles. However its for his crazy, comedic performances that we all love him..

He blended so many styles together in his comedy performances and writing. He had the best physical comedy, and slapstick humour in his work, but he also was just as good at giving us really quite pessimistic, and dark humour too. Eddie and Richies lives genuinely were hopeless and pathetic. No friends, no family, they had nothing going for them, and it says a lot that we still laughed at it, as when you stop and think about it, Bottom should have made you cry at how sad things were for these guys!

Rik was also the best political comedian there has ever been IMO.

He wasn't a sheep, or an idealogue and went after both the worst cunts on the left and the right, and indeed his stuff still holds up today.

Alan B'Stard's sociopathic attitude towards the poor is still reflected not only in our current Tory government, but even just in right wing arseholes like Ben Shapiro and Yaron Brook, whilst Rik from the Young Ones sums up the poseur, shallow SJW cunts who are making modern feminism and left wing politics in general sadly into a joke.

5/ Katey Sagal: LOVE this woman so much. Her character in Married With Children is easily one of the greatest female comedy characters of all time.

Normally in comedies women are sadly often pushed to the role of the straight man, like in One Foot in the Grave, The Simpsons, Red Dwarf etc. I think this is largely where the whole idea of women not being funny comes from.

However Peggy Bundy broke the trend by actually being worse than her already vile husband Al which allows for some great and more unusual comedy.

"Al you are so selfish. Remember that night the car fell on you. Boy I got a lot of sleep then. I can't feel my legs, I can't feel my legs. You are such a baby sometimes."

Her role in Futurama meanwhile couldn't be more different, but is just as good. Love Leela. She is by far and away one of my favourite heroines in all of sci fi. She's really badass, but really vulnerable too and in contrast to Peggy, quite a warm, caring character too. You can see that even in the way she loves animals so much.

Finally her part in Son's of Anarachy is also a fantastic and totally different type of character too. Kind of like a female, biker version of Avon the way she's so ruthless. Not many tv actors have three such iconic roles, and across three such different genres too. She's also a fantastic singer and gorgeous as well. She practically gets more beautiful with each passing year.

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Pepsi Maxil

Pepsi Maxil
Chief Caretaker
Rebecca Schaeffer

Paul Darrow

Sylvester Stallone

Chris Barrie

Maurice Colbourne

Judy Garland

Gene Hackman

Pam Dawber

Roger Moore

Pamela Salem

Kenneth Branagh

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Pepsi Maxil

Pepsi Maxil
Chief Caretaker
I left off a lot of people. Here's some more of my favourites:

Sean Connery
Telly Savalas
George Lazenby
Jane Seymour
Steven Seagal
Tom Arnold
Jill St. John
Jack Lord
Matthew Broderick
Anthony Anderson
Michaeal Keaton
Bernard Lee
Jean Claude Van Damme
Rob Schneider
Ali Larter
Eddie Murphy
Tim Allen
Helen Slater
Michael J Fox
Charles Gray
Sybil Danning
Lea Thompson
Kurt Russell
Tim Curry
Alec Baldwin
Basil Wallace
Rebecca Schaeffer
Jack Black
Christopher Walken
Tanya Roberts
Diana Rigg
Reb Brown
Lance Guest
Donald Sutherland
Carl Weathers
Alicia Silverstone
Isla Fisher

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Cunnus Maximus

Cunnus Maximus

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Pepsi Maxil

Pepsi Maxil
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Cunnus Maximus

Cunnus Maximus

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