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Moffat is adapting the Time Travellers wife for tv

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And best of all feminists are demanding he be fired before he has even started because he is a "sexist" and they think a woman should adapt it.

Why I Won't Be Watching The Time Travellers Wife.

The Mary Sue are such cretins, but its Mofftwat that's the real chump here.

To think he actually destroyed the Master for these cunts, rewrote all of DW lore to placate them, insulted white people and men a dozen times over, cast talentless shits like Rachel Talalalalalalalay, openly admitted to casting women because they were black rather than talent, and approved the worst idea for a spin off because it had a "diverse" cast all to placate these people and they still hate him because he is a white man LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL

Steven Moffat reminds me of the Controller in Day of the Daleks who thinks the Daleks can be reasonable but they still hate him because he is a human and only tolerate him because he is valuable.

Face it Steven you'd have been better trying to win round normal people than throwing your lot in with people like the Mary Sue. They will always hate you simply for what you are.

That's it in a nutshell Stevie boy. Hope it was worth ruining your career and sinking a British institution.  Big Grin

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His ceaseless attempts at appeasement, and his failure to learn of its inefficiency - are possibly the most amusing parts of his shows at this point.

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I thought he already did this with River Song.


"Don't be lasagna."
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