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Did you ever think it would come to this?

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Commander Maxil

Commander Maxil
Dick Tater
Did you ever think that Doctor Who would eventually end up in the horrible state it's in now? I feel so sorry for those that grew up with the classic series and now have to stand by helplessly as the course of the show is decided by SJWs. I feel like Doctor Who hates me. I feel like it's alienating me despite being so open and accessible to all. The introduction of Capaldi was supposed to be the moment that the new series finally connected itself with the classic series. It didn't. Four years on we're as far away from Doctor Who it's not even funny. Don't like it? Then fuck off and newer fans will take your place. How long will it be before they want us all back?

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From the moment Moffat took over the signs were there, so yes, I anticipated the current sorry state of affairs.
My foolishness was to boldly predict that the BBC wouldn't shit the money bed by casting a woman, but having now had the benefit of examining #Gamergate #Comicsgate and #SoyWars I understand that the ideological agenda of anti-white, anti-male deviancy is much more important to the marxists who infiltrate the arts than simply making money.
It will actually get worse because Rule #2 is that SJWs always double down.
When the female Doctor Who spinoff crashes and burns, and its evil falsification of events in its "historicals" causes a black Troy style backlash, they will make it worse, not better.
Doctor Who has truly become Tumblr: The Television Series.

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Even tho I knew it was considered a success when Rose was shown back in 2005 it always felt like an unsophisticated, science-lite version of the show I grew up with.

I didn't really expect it to last this long to be honest, part of me hopes it lasts long enough to become notorious for its badness to stop it happening to any other shows that get remade, but somehow it seems immune to a critical backlash (except by us lot!)

Oh and I don't think the current fans will want us back because they understand so little about our preferences for Dr Who we could almost be a different species...

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There's always been a bit of an SJW bent to the revival from 2005 on.

RTD was an SJW in that he was scared of having the Doctor be the main hero in his own show because apparently that was sexist.

Seriously look at this interview with Christopher Eccelston (who not so coincidentally played the most useless Doctor of them all.) He goes on about how they have fixed the sexism of Old Who by making the companion as important (read more important) than the Doctor.

Of course Old Who was never sexist. It had plenty of strong female characters. Yes it had some weak ones, but so what? Some women and some men are weak, and there were plenty of male characters who were wimpy too.

As long as you don't say "this character is a wimp because they are a woman" then there is NOTHING sexist about having a wimpy female character.

Sadly however because the Doctor was a male hero he had to be undermined by RTD and he was. He saves the day in just ONE season finale in RTD's tenure, and twice in his first season.

Right from the start there was a germ of anti men in the New Shows DNA.

Its hilarious that WE get labelled anti women. I don't watch Xena and get angry that Joxer, a man is a sidekick to a female character (might add Joxer is a bigger moron than any of the Doctors female sidekicks.)

These people simply hate men and want to destroy strong roles for men. Whilst Moffat may have spinelessly bent over backwards and asked them to stick whatever they could fit up there, RTD was the one who brought them to the show.

Look at the profile of ANY SJW Doctor Who fan like Claudia Boleyn and they will say that it was the RTD era that made them fans. Why do you think that was?

Their favourite version of the Doctor could only be a weak, emasculated version always needing to be saved by his female companion. Can you imagine them being brought to the show by say Jon Pertwee's Doctor? A strong, confident, figure of authority?

feminist approved Doctor.

older sexist Doctor apparently!

We saw the same thing happen with Luke Skywalker another strong male character made weak. If these women were just wanting to have badass women like Xena, Buffy, and Charmed we'd all be cheering them on. But they don't. They want to kill ANY strong role for men, from Luke to the Doctor.

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Yes and no. Pre-New Who, no, obviously, I never could have seen it ending up like this. But Burrunjour is right in that New Who has always emasculated the Doctor from day one, and that little seed has now become the entire plant.
It's a complete joke at this point, it really is. We're not the same species as the SJW fans. We're human. I've no idea what the fuck they are.

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Doctor Who is dead, but the good news is that someone will find the right formula to do an updated non-contaminated version of the same idea.

Even with all its lesbian kisses and the rest of the claptrap Legends of Tomorrow managed to get some decent time travel episodes and parallel world adventures in there.

Doctor Who has thrown away its spot in the media firmament and nature abhors a vacuum. Something new will come and fill it. Same way the original Star Wars film replaced Flash Gordon in the popular imagination.

The old order changeth, yielding place to new, and God fulfills himself in many ways.

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After the burping bin, "anti plastic!", farting aliens and the Adipose, anything was possible. In the new series, Danny Pink "doing some reading" was a source of derision, in the old series the great way Tom Baker delivers the line "I read a lot" explains he has a healthy nature in the universe (and it implicitly attacks anyone who does not recognise the value of reading). So the descent into a moronic state of mind was bound to happen. It's the way the series celebrates stupidity that annoys me. Courtney Woods in Kill the Moon with "Don't you think I'm special?" sums up the new philosophy to me. All idiots should be "celebrated" as they are, not guided to improvement. Empress of Mars is regarded as one of the new series' better efforts, but I can't stand the beginning at NASA where the characters are as smug as Tennant and Piper in series 2. The writers expect the audience to laugh at their banter, but I just feel nauseated. Too many wafer thin characters in this new series are celebrated by New Who fans. The original series shows true character, and the amazing characters of the first four Doctors are impossible now. New Who stands for a celebration of the mediocre, crass, shallow, utterly uninteresting personalities that seem to infect the modern TV world, and series 11 will simply continue to celebrate this mediocrity, gazing in admiration at shit and not even knowing what "gold" actually means anymore. Thank God for the original series! Never in that time did I ever think it would come to this...

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Speaking strictly of NuWho.
I were but a child when I actually watched the show - I couldn't have made much of an inference of its decline aside from my own loss of interest.

Looking back, it has never been that good. I have a bit of a soft spot for Series 1, but little beside.

Then again, the BBC have always been autofellating bastards: give them something good and they'll either cancel it or send it to ruin. Doctor Who underwent both.

It doesn't bother me so much when I don't see NuWho has being meaningfully related to the Classic Series. Yet, what remains irritates me, and the BBC irritates me.

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