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1Psychopaths Sponsored by Reddit Empty Psychopaths Sponsored by Reddit on Thu 7 Jun - 22:13

MIT scientists created a "psychopath" AI by feeding it violent content from Reddit


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I would have thought constant exposure to msm would have done the trick as well.

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Disappointed, I thought the Tories had done a social media deal.

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Improved Intelligence yields Improved Morality

Yes, I know: Intelligent people can be really nasty.

What I want to explore here is why better intelligence is likely to foster more moral behavior.

Let me turn this around, and ask ‘what factors tend to promote undesirable/ bad/ wrong/ immoral actions?

Let’s start with these four:

Lack of knowledge
Poor thinking/ reasoning
Emotions that try to protect our egos

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The first three are a good foundation for a Hobbesian Leviathan-type to control the morality of the populous through religious fervour and autocratic/theocratic rule.

Moral behaviour needn't be a choice as long as you have fear of the ultimate arbiter and his/her representative on Earth.

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7Psychopaths Sponsored by Reddit Empty Re: Psychopaths Sponsored by Reddit on Thu 19 Jul - 21:39

Higher intelligence, within the human range, is conducive to greater morality because subscribing to the moral rule is usually a rational and intelligent thing to do. If you act immorally you will usually be punished, because the moral rule has greater power than you do. It is intelligent to avoid punishment.

Yet this theory is flawed where it fails to regard:
1. Covert immorality - where one can be immoral whilst escaping notice and punishment.
2. The motivation behind the morality. One can act morally without themselves meaningfully caring about morality - being explicitly moral but of character amoral.
3. Intelligence beyond the human bounds. Where intelligence promotes power that supersedes the moral rule. Where this is true I would expect morality to be abandoned.

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