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Family of Blood Two-Parter

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1Family of Blood Two-Parter Empty Family of Blood Two-Parter on Wed Jun 06, 2018 10:59 pm

Didn't want to derail the other thread, Burrunjor, what's wrong with Family of Blood?

Is it cos it was based on a Paul Cornell book? I thought the directing was a little shonky, but other than that, I really liked it. Big Grin

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2Family of Blood Two-Parter Empty Re: Family of Blood Two-Parter on Wed Jun 06, 2018 11:10 pm

Not burrunjor, obviously. But here's why I think Human Nature/Family of Blood is incredibly overrated.

- The Chameleon Arch was incredibly stupid and far fetched even by Doctor Who standards. A device that can completely change someone's entire species? Please. Also, the way you change back is even more stupid. Open the fob watch and glowing fairy dust comes out which somehow rewrites your entire biology back to it's original form. It's dumb.

- The romance between Joan and John Smith was rushed and not believable in the slightest.

- The punishment the 10th Doctor imposes on the Family of Blood at the end was pure evil and totally out of character.

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3Family of Blood Two-Parter Empty Re: Family of Blood Two-Parter on Wed Jun 06, 2018 11:50 pm

It's fucking awful. Nicely made, but shite. The plot is as dumb as fuck, with the Doctor coming across as stupid as fuck - why would you hide away on a primitive planet among innocent people - even kids - when you know there's a chance nasty alien killers might find you? Why would you compound this situation by wiping your memory and leaving yourself and your companion completely defenceless? And yes, he then goes insane at the end for no apparent reason (2 stories before blubbing his big baby face off at the death of his mass-murdering arch-nemesis).
At least in the book the Doctor does it just to have the experience, and has no idea he's being hunted. The change makes the 10th Doctor look like a gibbering, massively irresponsible, twat.

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4Family of Blood Two-Parter Empty Re: Family of Blood Two-Parter on Wed Jun 06, 2018 11:54 pm

Good point, iank

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5Family of Blood Two-Parter Empty Re: Family of Blood Two-Parter on Thu Jun 07, 2018 9:33 am

Glad you asked.

Its not because its Paul Cornell. I dislike the virtue signalling fraud greatly, and hold him at least partly responsible for destroying Doctor Who. However I'm not so petty that if he writes a good story I won't admit it. I rather like some of his comic book work for instance.

Human Nature/Family of Blood is utter, contemptible shit however for the following reasons.

1/ The Doctor is a cunt.

This episode pretty much destroyed 10s credibility to me. Okay lets see he is on the run from aliens he could easily defeat without breaking a sweat, but he doesn't want to be cruel to them.

Why not just seal them up somewhere where they will pass away peacefully in a comatose state. If he suddenly has the power to trap people in mirrors, you really telling me he couldn't have found a way to seal them away in a comatose state until they died?

They were dying already. FFS he didn't even need to kill them! Compare that to Professor Solon, Magnus Creel, and the Burned Master all of whom he threw into machines that drained their bodily fluids, poisoned, and booted down bottomless pits!

Also even if he didn't want to get his hands dirty, why not just stay in the TARDIS? He says at the start that they would never be able to find it? Or why doesn't he use his nose ventrilquism that he uses at the end to hide from them?

Instead he turns himself into a human and hides out in a time where if the aliens find him, he will A/ be defenceless, B/ humanity will be defenceless, C/ if the aliens find his watch they'll get all of his power and be able to destroy countless worlds, D/ Martha his companion will have to occupy the lowest position and get racist abuse, E/ Martha will have to live with a human male who might fall in love with her (its Freema Agyeman I would!) who she will have to kill! He's created a totally different consciousness that is separate from his own, who will only live a few months!

Added to that since the aliens time travel his plan may not even work anyway. He could spend 10 years in the early 20th century and then the aliens could land at the end of it, with it having only been 2 seconds since they last saw him from his perspective.

Then there is the ending where he tortures the aliens forever. What the hell? Since when is the Doctor a torturer? Also is he insane? He goes from one extreme to another? Why? Surely he knew what the aliens were like?

Also its funny that he doesn't care about the friends and the relatives of the aliens he took over, one of whom was a child. He could have returned the aliens bodies to them, but no he wanted a bit of torture, so the relatives of that little girl, whose death was his fault will just have to wonder what happened to her for the rest of their lives.

Also there is his utter hypocrisy in later stories the way he spares the likes of Davros and the Master, and condemns his allies for killing enemies.

Look at what he says when Jack talks about snapping the Masters neck "now that sounds like Torchwood" FFS. Jack's not the one who tortures people for fun, forever!

Its impossible to take the Doctor seriously after that story. Its a stain on his entire character.

2/ Its cynical sentimentality porn.

It uses the setting to give it faux emotional gravitas. It doesn't even really use the WW1 setting. It could be set anytime. It would actually make more sense for it to be set in the year 5 billion.

During that time humanity is aware of aliens, they have technology that could curb stomp the Family, Martha wouldn't get racist abuse, hell she could live like a Queen!

The only reason its set in WW1 is so we can get a "MAN WASN'T THE FIRST WORLD WAR HORRIBLE" bit at the end. Unlike Blackadder or The War Games it just feels tacked on.

3/ Its dialogue is cringey and its acting awful.

Apart from Freema Agyman who is great throughout, the performances were terrible. Tennant was at his worst WAAAAAAAAAAH POOOOOR MEEEEE type of acting, and the guy playing the main villain was fucking awful.

The stupid faces he kept pulling, and the way he'd hiss and speak so quickly were just terrible "cease and desist talking there's a good girl". One of the worst delivery's of all time.

Also it contains some of the worst "lets make the Doctor the pivot of the universe crap."

Look at this bit.

I always imagine this bit of Patrick Troughton running about with his silly little legs whenever I hear that ego porn crap.

4/ The ending makes no sense.

Where the hell did the Doctor get those powers from? Is he a wizard? How would throwing someone into the heart of a black hole not kill them! Also why would wrapping someone in unbreakable chains not just keep them locked up until they died?

NOTHING in the Matt Smith era comes close to being as bad as Human Nature/Family of Blood.

It always annoyed me when cucks like Richard H Cooper and feminists like Claudia Boleyn would go on about 11 wiping out the Silence ruined his character.

Honestly they were an invading force and he allowed humanity to fight back. I'd take that over torture anyday.

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6Family of Blood Two-Parter Empty Re: Family of Blood Two-Parter on Thu Jun 07, 2018 9:42 am

I wouldn't argue with most of that but I think you are missing the point a little with the setting. If they already have aliens and advanced technology then it wouldn't be such a shock for John Smith when asked to confront the idea of aliens. The advanced technology would be less likely to overwhelm us.

WWI is just a background and yeah he could have chosen others but I don't think that means this one is somehow bad. It tackles racism in a better way than most of the Moffat era for a start. Remember Oxygen? Urgh.

How would he make WWI more relevant? I hate ones where the Doctor meets Nero or Churchill like some sort of historical celebrity groupie.

Not sure what you mean by faux emotional gravitas, but I guess that's just down to how you interpret the story

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