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Millenials are Talking Britain Down

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1Millenials are Talking Britain Down Empty Millenials are Talking Britain Down on Tue 05 Jun 2018, 12:40 pm

Majority of young people do not feel proud to be English, survey finds

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2Millenials are Talking Britain Down Empty Re: Millenials are Talking Britain Down on Tue 05 Jun 2018, 12:47 pm

I for one feel fucking ashamed to be English. Not just because of Brexit, but because we have literally killed THOUSANDS of disabled people through the welfare changes and companies like ATOS. This is not some left wing BS and has even been refered to the UN.

The UK also has one of the worst social mobilities in the world, and we as a nation always try to find something new to discriminate against. Now it's immagrants, before it was the south against northerners (openly abused because of my accent at a job interview).

As for me, as I have told you all here, I left the UK after being beaten up in Bradford with my white stick having been accused of being a benefit scrounger by thugs inspired by BS spued by Iain Duncan Smith. I stopped feeling safe in my own country as the government made people like me the target to cover for the economic crash. The government used it's own people rather than admit mistakes.

So yes, I am not patriotic, and frankly I hope Brexit fucks the country over royaly. I feel sorry for those like myself who have been so beaten by this government. But it is going to take something this monumental to cause any change in that fucking country.

4 more years I plan to denounce my citizenship.

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3Millenials are Talking Britain Down Empty Re: Millenials are Talking Britain Down on Tue 05 Jun 2018, 1:30 pm

@Genkimonk wrote:4 more years I plan to denounce my citizenship.

I figure you'll be practically Japanese by then anyway.

The treatment of legitimate claimants in the UK over the last 10 years has been absolutely shameful. Punitive freezes, unnecessary and deliberately inaccurate assessments, spurious sanctions and a public shaming culture which has led to the victimisation of many seriously unwell people. One only has to look at the UN report and the unwillingness of the Government to release death and suicide statistics to see the savage impact of the hammer used to reduce welfare costs in this country.

Fraud was under 1% when these measures started, and is still around the same now.. Huge amounts of people win at tribunal, evincing the inaccuracy and (by design) punitive nature of the WCA process.

People are infected by a famine mentality, where they're willing to believe that money is in short supply (directly affecting them in the pocket), and that claimants are accessing more of this money than they earn at work. Their opinions are grossly distorted by a media who focus on the minutia of extreme cases and fraud without telling the stories of those who are reliant and grateful for the support the welfare system accords them.

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4Millenials are Talking Britain Down Empty Re: Millenials are Talking Britain Down on Tue 05 Jun 2018, 1:44 pm

I have an aesthetic affinity to this country and I am nationalistic to the extent that I would prioritise issues of the UK over those of any other in the world, which I could justify logically.

That said, I think having 'pride' in anything that you aren't actually involved in is silly, just as is being ashamed for actions you've played no part in. Being born somewhere doesn't meaningfully involve you in the actions of your country - even voting I would say has such negligible individual power that it shouldn't count either.

I am frustrated by the present state of this country both aesthetically and from the fact that, as a citizen of the United Kingdom, I am subject to its state. Freedoms are being culled to facilitate the expanding culture of moral narcissism - and democratically we are able only to choose largely which freedoms we'd prefer to lose.

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