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The new series IS 'Tru Who'

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51The new series IS 'Tru Who' - Page 3 Empty Re: The new series IS 'Tru Who' on Mon 05 Nov 2018, 11:01 pm

@bryanbraddock wrote:Dalekbuster goes by the name "Sean the Mondasian Cyberman" on twitter.
Of course he thinks the current series is a golden age of Doctor Who.

No surprise to find out from his twitter profile he's autistic, which explains the bizarre opinions,his lack of a sense of humour and single minded obsessions.

Dude come on here. We don't need to make fun of his autism. Not trying to be a white knight or anything, and I don't have anything against you personally of course, but him being autistic is irrelevant to his opinions. I mean hey I've have a friend who is autistic who HATES Mofftwat and RTD with a vengeance.

TBH Dalekbuster doesn't bug me. I obviously strongly disagree with his opinions, but as far as I know I've not seen him be a dick to anyone for not liking Jodie or New Who. His first post was extremely tame for instance, just saying New Who is Tru Who. Hell I might even quite like him outside of the world of DW for all I know.

The SJW fans I dislike, I dislike for very specific reasons.

Whovian Feminism for instance has had an impact on the show IMO as she is friends with some of the directors, producers and writers like Rachel Talalay, and also she does spout racist and sexist crap against white men, and she is a class snob like in this gem of a quote.

Whovian Feminism wrote:“Supposedly well-meaning observers always like to come in and say that hardcore fans simply won’t accept a woman portraying the Doctor. This attitude does both the show and our fandom a disservice. While there is always a smattering of assholes to prove this type of attitude does exist, they aren’t even close to a majority. And even if it were true, we should not let the direction of the show be dictated by the worst of its fans. If a misogynistic jerk who disparagingly refers to a woman Doctor as “The Nurse” says he’ll quit watching the show, he’s exactly the type of fan we should be proud to piss off. I promise, plenty of new fans (especially ones with disposable income!) are waiting in the wings to take his place.”

Claudia Boleyn meanwhile I used to get on with reasonably well, until she blocked me. Even then however its more been her recent behaviour that's bugged me.

She constantly spouts racist crap against white men, and is an Islam apologist.

Mr Tardis is also a total cunt too. He is a condescending jackass to anyone who doesn't like Jodie.

Also I do get the impression that Dalek Buster actually believes in what he is saying.

Another reason I dislike these three is that they're total phonies.

Whovian Feminism, Mr Tardis and Claudia Boleyn for instance claim that they really care about female led series, and strong female characters, yet they NEVER watch them.

As I have pointed out many times, all of the shows these people watch are male led. You could count the female led series all three like, combined on one hand.

They've never written, or done videos on female led shows, and look at their twitter, they don't follow Lucy Lawless, Katey Sagal, Gina Torres, Sarah Michelle Gellar, ANY prominent women in the genre.

They are only interested in female versions of male heroes like Jodie's Doctor because they hate men and want to take roles away from them (hence why when both Michelle and Jodie were cast literally the first thing Claudia did was gloat to the entitled male fanboys.)

Also Mr Tardis is an obvious BBC shill. He has mentioned working for the Beeb freelance and its clear he hopes if he arselicks enough he can get a job with them.

Even then that wouldn't bug me, but he knows the BBC is racist in its diversity policies, but he is happy to sell out other aspiring white people who want to work in television by defending these vile diversity hirings.

Also Claudia's Islam apologism makes my stomach churn. Once again much like her huge desire to see female heroes, it seems her desire to stick up for LGBT people and racial minorities is so she can she shit on white men, hence why she doesn't care when its Islam persecuting LGBT people.

For instance she said she has problems with the Rana/Kate storyarc in Coronation Street because it promotes a white saviour idea about LGBT Muslims needing white people's help.

For those of you who don't watch Corrie, Rana is a Muslim woman who falls in love with Kate and her family go fucking nuts! I actually applauded it. Coronation Street unlike DW is a show that tackles modern issues all the time, and Muslim homophobia is the single biggest threat to LGBT people in the world. I'm amazed they had the guts to show it. Unlike Chinballs they were brave.  

Fuck these poofs eh Claudia. How dare Corrie try and bring attention to this type of thing. The fact that it might in some way make British culture look better than any Islamic one is obviously the REAL issue here.

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52The new series IS 'Tru Who' - Page 3 Empty Re: The new series IS 'Tru Who' on Mon 05 Nov 2018, 11:51 pm

@burrunjor wrote:Dude come on here. We don't need to make fun of his autism. Not trying to be a white knight or anything, and I don't have anything against you personally of course, but him being autistic is irrelevant to his opinions.

Let me try to explain.
I wasn't insulting him or implying that his awful taste in Doctor who was due in in some way to his disability. My cousin is Autistic, I've hung around with him and his friends who also have similar conditions and I see the same patterns in Dalekbuster's behavior that I've seen in them through out the years.
The same intransigence,The lack of a sence of humour,a refusal to understand other peoples opinions,the same myopic obsessions etc. These are prototypical behaviors of people on the spectrum.

If I upset anyone by my observations I apologize, and I meant no offense.

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