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River Song To Meet Four Masters (Including Eric Roberts)

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Big Finish what have you become? LOL

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River Song is quite possibly the most irritating character in the history of fiction. She single handedly ruined Series 6 for me. Her background story makes absolutely no sense whatsoever and her personality is so incredibly grating that she makes Rose Tyler look like Sarah Jane Smith.

Needless to say, I will NOT be listening to this abomination.

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Someone needs to use the TCM on Song's gob.

BF was dead to me long ago. Recent releases have been the final nails in the coffin, but this seems more like a contemptuous lugie before the first shovels of dog shit finally bury what was a great refuge for real fans of the show.

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Stick a fork in it, folks, it's done.

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@iank wrote:Stick a fork in it, folks, it's done.

SJW fans latching onto it in 2013 was the terminal cancer.

Missy was its life support machine being shut off.

Cybebrig was the time of death being called.

Season 9, 10 and Class were its burial.

Jodie and everything since, the new and improved SJW DW magazine, the DW conventions that only mention DW for 2 minutes and the rest of the time its about MeToo, the descent of Big Finish, were all punks vandalising its grave and digging up and pissing on the corpse and burying it again upside down with its head stuffed up its arse.

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I actually stuck with Class for a long time until I eventually checked out when that silly tart started banging on about how she wasn't made of glass when one of the male characters simply offered to walk her home after an emotionally exhausting adventure. I'm surprised she didn't wear a jumper saying "I AM A STRONG WOMAN!" as well. I hated how the show thought it was being "edgy" and "adult" just like that crap Torchwood series.

I'm not sure I can stomach series 11. Maybe I'll spend the 45 minutes whipping myself for being a straight white male instead.

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I couldn't stomach more than 15 minutes of Class.
Given the complete lack of anything resembling a white hetero male in the "diverse" cast, I could only conclude they didn't want any watching it either. Big Grin

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