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Conversations with pro Jodie fans

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1Conversations with pro Jodie fans Empty Conversations with pro Jodie fans on Wed 18 Apr - 18:47

Commander Maxil

Commander Maxil
Dick Tater
What have your expriences been like when you've ended up talking to a fan of the decision? Were you insulted, abused or told false facts about how a female Doctor was always going to happen? Did they ignore your comments or did they instantly brand you a sexist?

Did any of you have a pleasant conversation with a fan? Did they understand your fustration?

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I do my best to avoid them. Big Grin

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Well a few of them are nice people of course. Claudia Boleyn is a total SJW, and a feminist but I've found her to be quite pleasant and not an asshole at all. Just misguided.

Also though I haven't spoken to him, John Barrowman also seemed to have a fair and measured response to Jodie's casting (unlike Colin.)

Its not fair to tar all of Jodie's fans as wankers, though at the same time, I'd say among the worst people in fandom are pro female Doctor fans.

Smug, yet self loathing fanboys, who love to smear the genre they claim to love as sexist, racist etc, just to keep in with a bunch of whiny spoiled brats, guys who tell the rest of us to get used to female and non white heroes, whilst NEVER watching any shows that don't star a white man ironically. Guys like Mr Tardis, Richard H Cooper, Will Wheaton in other words are among the biggest cunts in all of fandom.

Then of course there are the misandrists like Whovian Feminism, as well as the chancers like Anita Sarkeesian, and finally the people who aren't even fans but want to use it to be relevant again like Ed Miliband.

In the 2015 election David Cameron during his latest term in office had brought in the bedroom tax, done all he could to dismantle the NHS, helped to launch an illegal attack on Libya and plunged the country into anarchy which led to a rise in Islamic extremism around the world, and a refugee crisis, and finally he made a total arse of himself during the election campaign first by making out he didn't even want to win and then overcompensated by going "IT PUMPS ME UP, I'M PUMPED UP!"

Yet Ed Milliband still lost badly! Now he thinks he can weasel his way back into the public eye by slamming people against Jodie's casting as sexists?

In Which Doctor Who Travels Backwards In Time To Meet Politics of The 50s

To be fair Jodie is undoubtedly a stronger male figure for his boys to look up than he is.

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