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Ecclestone blasts RTD in Radio Times interview

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Highlights here

Also,the Guardian and digispy report that Eccles tried to leave on good terms and said to RTD he wouldn't do anything to hurt the show. In return, the production team got the BBC to blacklist him, forcing him to move to the US for work for a few years.

Apparently, he had a fallowing out during the first block of filming, and RTD lost faith in him. Eccles didn't like the comedic parts of the script and felt extremely out of his comfort zone as a whole. He also mentions frustration with Billies lack of experience.

Sounds like he just didn't like the stupidity of the RTD scripts. Remember Block A was filming farting aliens, so this ties into the rumors of him saying "I didn't join up for this shit."

All in all, Eccles comes out on top of ths, and it just goes to show what a complete arse RTD and the BBC were to him.

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You're a bit late, monk. I posted this like a month ago. Big Grin

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