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Play spot the sexism

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1 Play spot the sexism on Tue Feb 13, 2018 8:59 pm

Here's a game. Go on the BBC website, click 'entertainment' and see how long it takes for your eyes to fall on the words 'sexism' or some variation on it.

I did it in 0.779 seconds - I'm sure one of you guys can beat that!

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2 Re: Play spot the sexism on Tue Feb 13, 2018 11:25 pm

It's not just the entertainment section.

The BBC website has become a voluntary re-education gulag for straight, white men.

There's barely ever an article about the gross under-representation of working-class men in nearly every avenue of life, but there's plenty of white, middle class feminists complaining how they were once terminally oppressed by the word 'bossy' or moaning about the lack of compassion and understanding accorded to women with 'saggy boobs'.

There's also the middle-class, and nouveau riche black actors heroically saying they'll no longer be sidelined, grotesquely corpulent people demanding to be fashion models, and women in the entertainment industry on 200k+ a year demanding more pay (Oh, the poor darlings, this'll mean only 2 weeks in St.Tropez this year, and possibly the odd trip to Sainsbury's instead of their normal Ocado deliveries. Their cleaners will probably have to do less hours too, but they have the au pair for that anyway.)

I'm not saying people don't have a right to have their concerns addressed, but they're often the trivial, petty annoyances of already successful people that are wholly predicated on the idea that the root of their problem is part of a quadriad of race,  gender, sexuality and ableness, when there's more complex sociological, biological and psychological factors at work.

This insane view of the world wholly omits class as a determinant of social mobility and success, and pejoratively determines that anyone who is the identity antithesis of these groups is imbued with a magical privilege stick which means they can swish away all their problems simply by dint of being Caucasoid, able-bodied and into the opposite sex.

Yes, white, straight men occupy most of the positions of power within society, but the sins of the few are being used to browbeat the many - often by vindictive identitarians who hide behind the banner of 'justice' and want to deconstruct not only the elite power structures, but actively disenfranchise a whole group of people on the basis of their race and sexuality, as if these are the factors which originally propelled a small group of them to the top of the pile.

If they knew an iota of the history of the Labour movement; The Peasant's Revolt, The Plug Plot Riots, Peterloo Massacre and The General Strike of 1926, they might just discover the reality of the situation i.e. no-one hated the ruling class of straight white men more than working-class straight white men.

The very fact that a complex cultural hegemony emerged in the 20th century in order to divide and conquer the minds of those men, is testament to the strength of those foundational labour movements and the threat class-based politics were to the established social order.

By asserting they want to disenfranchise a whole class of people by bundling them in with the people they despise (or would despise if they weren't exposed to huge amounts of propaganda), they're actually doing the work of the establishment.

People generally turn away from movements which attempt to silence them on the basis of irrelevant, arbitrary categories. It's no wonder the false utopia of nationalism, isolationism and sentimentalism is gaining momentum right now.

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3 Re: Play spot the sexism on Wed Feb 14, 2018 8:21 am

Well put, Seal!

At least TV drama is increasingly returning to focusing on the above rather than endless '-isms', perhaps Brexit and Trump are responsible for this.

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4 Re: Play spot the sexism on Sun Feb 18, 2018 8:32 pm

Perhaps the BBC are using...

What is a Sensitivity Reader?

A sensitivity reader reads through a manuscript for issues of representation and for instances of bias on the page. The goal of a sensitivity reader isn’t to edit a manuscript clarity and logic, although that may be an additional service offered. A sensitivity reader reviews a manuscript for internalized bias and negatively charged language. A sensitivity reader is there to help make sure you do not make a mistake, but they are also NOT a guarantee against making a mistake. editor that ensures political correctness?

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5 Re: Play spot the sexism on Sun Feb 18, 2018 9:33 pm

Oh for fucks sake...

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6 Re: Play spot the sexism on Sun Feb 18, 2018 9:53 pm

$250 for that bullcrap? Authors really are treated as cash cows!

I'm reading a novel called The Book Thief : set in Nazi Germany. It was a number 1 bestseller, which it probably wouldn't have been if it had been 'sensitivity read'.

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