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Which is worse? The End of Time or Twice Upon a Time?

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In The End of Time, you had:

- The Master being resurrected with magic potions which turns him into a cannibal with electrical powers.

- The Doctor literally crying in a cafe over how much he hates travelling alone.

- The Doctor saying "everything he is dies" whenever he regenerates. Which completely goes against not only all of his previous incarnations, but the whole mythology of the entire show.

- The Doctor skydiving from 20,000 in the air, falling through a glass ceiling, and being perfectly okay afterwards.

- The Time Lords being billed as this massive threat and FINALLY returning, only for them to be effortlessly sent back into the Time War in less then five minutes.

- The Doctor throwing a temper tantrum over how "unfair" it is that he has to sacrifice a regeneration to save an old man who is "not remotely important".

- An incredibly cheesy and self-indulgent Lord of the Rings style farewell tour in which he goes and visits all of his previous companions... even though there's nothing stopping him from visiting them again in his 11th incarnation.

There's even more stuff wrong with this episode, but that's what immediately came to mind upon writing this.

In Twice Upon a Time, you had:

- The 1st Doctor being retconned into a sexist pig. Even though in Classic Who he treated all of his companions equally.

- The Doctor regenerating into a fucking woman.

It's really tempting to call Twice Upon a Time the worst of the two for those two problems alone, but The End of Time is so poorly written and has SO MANY retarded moments that I'm not so sure.

What do you think?

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Twice Upon a Time. I don't care if the story is worse, or how bad End of Time is (and it is), nothing is more disgusting than character assassinating the 1st Doctor for the sake of PC misandric point scoring.
Fuck that shit.

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@iank wrote:Twice Upon a Time. I don't care if the story is worse, or how bad End of Time is (and it is), nothing is more disgusting than character assassinating the 1st Doctor for the sake of PC misandric point scoring.
Fuck that shit.

Yeah I'm with Ian on this one. Dead Man Rising really pointed out just how shit the End of Time was.

Remember when Rani compared the cafe scene in End of Time to the one in Remembrance. LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL

One is a thoughtful piece that makes the Doctor look like a character who is always thinking about what the effect of his actions might have on others, the other is self indulgent wank which makes the Doctor look like a vain, shallow, crybaby.

Still for what it did to the lore then yeah Twice Upon A Time is worse.

Having said that though an argument could be made for The End of Time being the beginning of the end.

It marked the first time that this stupid idea of the Doctors all being different people began. That in turn led to the bullshit of "why not a woman as they all have nothing in common with each other and aren't even the same people." Really even if it didn't lead to a female Doctor per se, it certainly led to the end of the Doctor as a character as now there are no constants apparently as each one is not the same person.

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That scene in the cafe was so fucking embarrassing and cringe worthy. Not to mention completely out of character. Could you imagine ANY of the classic Doctors crying about having to travel alone? Could you imagine John Pertwee or Tom Baker's Doctors sitting in a cafe sobbing over having to travel solo?

That scene also where he throws a little hissy fit over having to sacrifice a regeneration to save Wilfred where he tells him he's "not remotely important" was fucking disgusting and also completely out of character.

Dunno if I've ever said this before, but Tennant is easily my least favourite Doctor in the show's history. I consider him to be the WORST representation of the Doctor's character. Whenever I'm talking to someone in real life and I ask them "Who's your favourite Doctor"? and they reply with "Well, I really liked David Tennant", I have to resist the strong urge to slap the taste right out of their mouth.

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Big Grin I was not a fan at the time, and honestly I often find him nigh on unwatchable these days. I just wanna slap the twat. Evil or Very Mad Laughing

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Twice Upon a Time

Not sure if this has been posted here but he nails it:


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I guess I can't slate Twice Upon A Time too vociferously as I didn't watch it, but I feel like I have. Watching an episode like that sounds like watching one of those channel 4 shows that sneer at things that were made a few decades ago because they're worse/sexist/racist/homophobic/transphobic etc.

End Of Time was a low point of the RTD era, taking its crass self-absorption to new levels, but I would argue it's still not as bad as what came next!

For dreadful un-Doctorlike behaviour in other episodes I also nominate : -

* The Magician's Apprentice/The Witches Familiar: Saying "I'm the Doctor, just accept it!" when Davros asks how the Doctor magically avoided being exterminated

* Hell Bent: Shooting his ally the General in cold-blood, and with a genderbending gun to boot

* Heaven Sent: Moaning "I'm soooooooooooooo alone!" like he's auditioning to be in the latest Twilight movie

* Death In Heaven: Becoming President Of The Earth and taking control of all its armed forces.

Nu Who: The Beast Must Die.
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