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1Bond Empty Bond on Sun 28 Jan 2018, 1:45 pm

People moaning Bond isn't PC enough, he is a spy, he kills people, how is that politically correct?

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2Bond Empty Re: Bond on Mon 15 Apr 2019, 8:35 pm

Craig's gone and snapped up Phoebe Waller Bridge to "liven up" the script for Bond 25.

And according to rumour, Bond kicks the film off in retirement, and is brought back to help his successor as 007 out of a jam...and yes, the new 007 is a woman


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3Bond Empty Re: Bond on Mon 15 Apr 2019, 8:53 pm

Every time I hear reference to a 'MeToo' era or relatives I cringe so hard.

What do people think MeToo was? It was just a bunch of people making unsubstantiated claims attempting to destroy people's lives without interaction with legal procedure, alongside those people who supported that because gynophillia is apparently so overwhelming in this inert age that it overpowers all of the other moral ideals that it deconstructs.

OK, so what the fuck is the 'MeToo' era? Is it the generation of doublethink: the coexistence of our well-developed pseudo-rational morality that associates with the law - justice, procedure, impartiality etc. - alongside a complete exception to those principles when it comes to women?

Bond Giphy

Looking forward to seeing how this could possibly relate to Bond though.

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4Bond Empty Re: Bond on Mon 15 Apr 2019, 10:12 pm

Dear God. The sooner Craig goes the better too. Wooden as fuck, and I knew he was an SJW freak back in the early 2010s when he said he wanted to see Bond have a "gay scene".
Fucking mental cases we have nowadays.

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5Bond Empty Re: Bond on Mon 15 Apr 2019, 10:21 pm

Pepsi Maxil

Pepsi Maxil
Chief Caretaker
Moonraker>Craig's films.

I've never liked him. Timothy Dalton did the whole "dangerous Bond" thing much better back in the late Eighties.

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6Bond Empty Re: Bond on Mon 15 Apr 2019, 10:45 pm

Dead-on on both points.

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7Bond Empty Re: Bond on Tue 16 Apr 2019, 5:37 pm

I thought Craig was great in Casino Royale (almost up there with Niven & Sellers in the original) but Connery is more dangerous in Dr No than Craig is in any of his 007 films so far. Also agree Dalton is underrated.

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8Bond Empty Re: Bond on Tue 16 Apr 2019, 11:35 pm

Craig doesn't resemble the character as he should, but he gave a great performance in Casino Royale.

After that the films were a bit shit, aside from parts of Skyfall.

I'd like it if they'd try to follow Fleming's design.

Looks like it's more likely to be the opposite.

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9Bond Empty Re: Bond on Wed 17 Apr 2019, 6:29 pm

Agree with comments above.

Casino Royale felt refreshing at the time. Even hoped it might be a springboard for a more authentic-to-Fleming direction. Unfortunately Quantum of Boredom disappointed as too generic an action thriller (to date the only Bond film I nearly fell asleep watching for the first time!). Skyfall was an improvement but Spectre wasted its opportunity with an anticlimactic Blofeld return.

Craig can portrays a certain lethal quality well enough but is more suited to playing a Bond villain's henchman than the suave, sophisticated secret agent that is Bond. Can't envision any new Bond movie matching the earlier films' quality.

Instead of yet more movies, I'd favour a big budget television series to come along and re-adapt the old Fleming stories, remaking them but keeping as close to the originals as possible, difficult and expensive though that might be. Instead of updating, it would depend on recreating the original Bond characters' period and styles in new and exciting ways and - crucially - in all their un-pc glory too!

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10Bond Empty Re: Bond on Thu 18 Apr 2019, 5:32 pm

@iank wrote:Dear God. The sooner Craig goes the better too. Wooden as fuck, and I knew he was an SJW freak back in the early 2010s when he said he wanted to see Bond have a "gay scene".
Fucking mental cases we have nowadays.

I personally like Craig's portrayal thus far but rumours like you refer to make me uncertain of my future commitment to the franchise. Likewise with a female Bond. If they came to fruition i would give up on the films.  

If the producers want to push the series in new, more radical directions then so be it. If the wider audience stays loyal and actually grows as a result of the changes then great for them (the producers and the audience). I mean that - its not all about me.

But for me such changes would stop the films being Bond and what i associate with 007. I would just look for my entertainment elsewhere. After all there are still the novels (authored by Fleming, Gardner, Amis, Benson) and a back catalogue of the films to date. And up to now the BBC have produced some rather good radio dramatisations of some of the Fleming stories. If these continue, and the BBC don't pervert future productions with SJW prejudices and reference points, then i can live with those in future instead.

Meanwhile the producers can release whatever woke nonsense they want in the cinema and live or die in the market place.

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