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Would You Like A Doctor Who Animated Series?

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1 Would You Like A Doctor Who Animated Series? on Thu Jan 11, 2018 10:54 pm

I was just thinking New Who has really always been a shit sequel to the original series. Even before Pissy Missy, and the great castration, the writers of New Who really never tried to get the character right and had 0 interest in making it feel like the same show as the original.

So would you like to see an animated Doctor Who series that ignores New Who and is a direct sequel to Old Who?

We could have a different 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th, and 13th Doctors who are written and cast accordingly.

No female Doctor, no romantic, lothario Doctor, no emo bullshit of I AM THE ONCOMING STORM!

The Doctor as a proper professorial grandfatherly figure and his story would end when 13 dies.

IMO this would be a brilliant thing for many reasons.

1/ Doctor Who lends itself very well to animation, in fact arguably better than live action as the budget constraints aren't there. Think of all the beautifully designed planets and spectacular monsters we could have in a cartoon.

2/ It would wipe New Who from canon. Okay some people might just ignore the animated series, but at least now New Who wouldn't be the only sequel. It would just be one of many. Kind of like the different sequels to Sherlock Holmes there have been since Sir Arthur Conan Doyle died. Hell even if this version sucked, it would open the door for another sequel to classic who that ignored it and New Who.

3/ As it would be more of a niche thing, it could be real hard sci fi.

4/ A lot of actors who would have been amazing Doctors, but are sadly too old could still voice him in animation. I've always said that Tim Curry would have been the best Doctor, but sadly his stroke made this impossible. In animation however he could still do it.

5/ It could finally wrestle the show away from the cold dead hands of the Fitzroy tavern self loathing fanboy clique who took it over in the 90s and refuse to let it go.

What do you think? I really think Doctor Who the Animated Series is the way forward for Doctor Who.

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TBH, I think either a Paul McGann animation or start afresh. What do you mean by Hard SF? Do you mean like the Bidmead era? He wasn't as Hard SF as some like to make out.

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So long as it's well written and is true to the spirit of the original show's run then I'm all for it.

Books, audio stories, animations... I'll take Doctor Who in any form I can.

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Past Doctors animated would make a great touch, but if that ever gets done it would probably have to be outsourced as they might arse about with funding.

Does anyone know any blueprints for getting cartoon from script to screen?

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I don't know, to be honest; I'm not entirely convinced a return to classic Who can even be done these days. Even BF is infused with modern sensibilities and the like and fanwank and revisionism seems impossible to eliminate from anything.

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Adam Ant Driver

Dick Tater
I was going to say that NuWho is already a cartoon but you bring up some good points. As long as the animation was better than the horrible flash shit they used in the missing episode recreations (or at least the ones I've seen, maybe it's improved) I'd be more than happy to watch an alternative revival following the old style.

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There was Infinite Quest and Dreamland. Those weren't too bad.

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Seen this on Twitter, not sure what it is exactly

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Mr. Happy wrote:Seen this on Twitter, not sure what it is exactly

It's a tribute video, he used the audio from the Big Finish time war series and set it to animation he made himself.

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