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Interview With The Moffpire

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1Interview With The Moffpire Empty Interview With The Moffpire on Fri Dec 29, 2017 4:28 pm

Blame Peirs Wenger for the "fairy tale" motiff.

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2Interview With The Moffpire Empty Re: Interview With The Moffpire on Sun Dec 31, 2017 1:25 pm

@Zarius wrote:

Blame Peirs Wenger for the "fairy tale" motiff.

What a lot of rubbish. His stories had that same fairy tale motiff before Piers took over.

Its unbelievably hypocritical some of the things he comes out with in that interview.

"You don't own Doctor Who, you just inherit it, the character of the Doctor must always remain the same" WHAT!

Why the hell if he thinks that did he go out of his way to completely change everything about the character from making him a lothario, to a genderless, racist punching SJW who hates being a man? Why did he rewrite things like why he ran away, the rules of regeneration, when the Doctor first met Davros, and rewrote his character Clara into being the real hero of every Classic Who and New Who story before now, and the reason the Doctor stole the TARDIS?

It also REALLY annoys me the way he acts like Missy was A/ a success and B/ nobody had any problem with her.

Leaving aside the vast swathes of people who not only hated her but stopped watching because of her, in what way was Missy a success?

She was supposed to show us how gender doesn't matter, and a woman could play the Master and the Doctor and no one would notice the difference. Personally remember I do actually think a woman could play the Master if you had the villain steal a woman's body like Tremas and wrote her accordingly, but did Missy prove that?

Hmm lets see the Master wants to kill the Doctor, wants to rule the universe, and wants to prolong his life. He is hypnotic and takes people over, manipulative, and often tricks someone like Chang, Goth, Kassia, or Trenchard into being his loyal sidekick. He also shrinks his victims, often frames the Doctor for something and whips up a mob against him, and was imagined as being Moriarty, Doctor Doom, IE a classical archenemy who was the heroes greatest challenge.

Did Missy embody any of those characteristics? Nope.

She was in love with the Doctor, didn't want power (she gave it up) she wasn't hypnotic, manipulative, just zapped people, didn't shrink them, and was more of a Catwoman, Ares from Xena, Irene Adler type figure, IE the heroes dark love interest that they keep trying to help and redeem.

To be fair I'm not saying that a female Doctor needs to be as awful as Missy. Still the fact that Moff and others see Missy as being proof that the gender bending thing can work is not a good sign for Jodie's Doctor.

Only someone who was full of shit would say that she was successful in being believable as being the same character as the Master. Fair enough you might like Gomez as a screen presence, but even then she would have been MORE successful if she hadn't been the Master. Making her the Master was a failure in every respect. It wasted her as an actress and ruined the character and Moff actually likes to pretend that was one of his greatest successes!

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3Interview With The Moffpire Empty Re: Interview With The Moffpire on Sun Dec 31, 2017 9:58 pm

lol The luvvies really are completely delusional and out of touch with reality.

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