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Which Companions and Doctors Hated Each Other?

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Offset I mean?

Sorry this is gossipy LOL, but at times I think it can be interesting watching characters who were such good friends on screen, knowing that they hated each other in real life. Sometimes you can tell when it spills over into their performances.

Anneke Wills and William Hartnell didn't seem to like each other. In fact she at least utterly despises him.

Every single interview I've seen her give she trashes the man. She calls him a racist, she says he was a miserable old bugger, she even insults his abilities as an actor saying that anyone could have played the first Doctor, and that it was Patrick Troughton that created the Doctor we all know and love.

The funniest thing she said about him was when someone asked her what her favourite memory of Bill was and she said "when he left" LOL.

Michael Craze doesn't seem to have liked Hartnell too much either. I got the impression though that Michael more felt sorry for him TBH. He didn't enjoy working with him, but when he talks about him, it seems less scathing than Anneke (though that wouldn't be too hard LOL.)

Louise Jameison and Tom Baker also seemed to hate each other too. Though that was more on his part as he didn't want a companion. Unlike Hartnell and Polly you can tell that sometimes on screen when the Doctor is a bit short with Leela and shouts at her.

I've also heard rumours about Adric and Peter Davison. Again from the way they interact on screen it wouldn't be too hard to believe.

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I don't think there's many aside from Hartnell with Michael and Anneke, which really just seems to have been a generation thing given he got on splendidly with all his other companions.
Tom and Louise was more down to him not liking the character of Leela, but they resolved their issues by Fang Rock and are great friends now.

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Did Caroline John and Pertwee always get on? Pertwee and Sladen didn't, apparently:

He often used to rub her up the wrong way and he even slapped her according to post that refers to her book

Either Tom or Lalla, possibly both weren't keen on Waterhouse. She said something about him not being able to act his way out of a paperbag, IIRC.

She also claimed he couldn't act his way out of a paper bag. Waterhouse recalls they got on 'rather well'!

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Also, Nicola hated Colin at first, according to the Twin Dilemma commentary, as he and Kevin McNally bit her bum during rehearsals.

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