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Electric Dreams

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1 Electric Dreams on Wed Oct 04, 2017 9:58 pm

Anyone here been watching? I think it's mostly been pretty good.

The first one, The Hood Maker, was very good. Dour and dystopian, but very good. Out of the Unknown was also rather dark a lot of the time.

The second one was quite gentle and thoughtful. I liked it. It feels like they might have stretched the source material a bit and the ending was slightly disappointing but still enjoyable. I think they need something a bit faster paced for a change.

The third, I felt the end could have been more satisfying but I liked the idea of the ghost town and people jumping off the train to reach a ghost town. But then the ending restored everything and we see Timothy Spall with a dopey grin on his face?

Also watched the 2006 rotoscoped Scanner Darkly animation. It was very slow and plodding but the story was actually quite fascinating. Is it possible to be simultaneously bored and fascinated?

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