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If You Had Been In Charge of The Capaldi Era What Would You Have Done?

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I think most of us can agree that Doctor Who reached a point of no return in Peter Capaldi's first season.

Sure there were things all of us didn't like in all previous era's of DW (Rob hates McCoy, Genki hates Tennant or the spunk haired Doctor as he is known round these parts LOL and Iank hated Clara even before her SJW retooling in season 8.)

However I think it was that season that really kind of destroyed DW as it completely ruined characters like The Master and the Brig for good.

So my question is imagine you are the producer of DW s8 and Capaldi and Clara are still the leads. What direction would you have taken the show in?

I won't bother saying what I would do as I have done before and I am also going to be writing about this on my blog about what would have been a better direction for Capaldi's Doctor, so if you're interested read up on that.

So tell me how would you have tackled that era? I still say Capaldi was a damn fine Doctor, just ruined by bad stories and outside politics.

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Made him more indifferent to the people around him and concentrate on defeating the bigger evil.
Not have him bend over backwards for Clara.
More threat. More musing over mortality. I didn't mind his awkwardness but the cue cards were handled badly.
I'd have him as an enemy of UNIT. He still gets the job done, but doesn't go into the President crap.
If I had control of two series, I'd have one series doing the first sentence and then the second series with him facing up to the consequences of the previous series. Series long arcs are not needed in a show that had its future sorted. If you are going to do that, have it go on for longer. Instead of a big threat for the end of the series have an internalised problem instead.
Still even then people wouldn't be happy. Even I'd think it was a bit shit when I sat there with head in hands in the edit suite!

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Simply being more interested in telling stories than fanwank and PC posturing would make a huge difference...

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