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What did William Hartnell Think Of Tom Baker

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1 What did William Hartnell Think Of Tom Baker on Mon Sep 25, 2017 10:03 pm

I was just wondering. Tom was the last Doctor Hartnell would have seen and we know what he thought of both Patrick Troughton and Jon Pertwee. His widow Heather said that he watched all of Troughton's era, and whilst he didn't see that many of Jon Pertwee's stories, he did like him.

Still sadly there is nothing about what he thought of Tom which is kind of a bit weird.

He wouldn't have seen much of Tom. He died right at the end of his first year, and sadly he spent his last few months in a hospital apparently.

Still he would have seen a bit of him and he would have known that he was cast. Are there ANY sources about what he thought about such a young guy playing his role for instance?

There is so little you can find about William Hartnell's last few years online which is a shame. Obviously much of it was sad due to his declining health, and even just how bad he felt at being made to leave a role he loved so much, but at the same time I'd imagine he was probably quite happy to see how long it lasted.

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Hartnell was so non-compos-mentis by the end, and that built up over years, that I doubt he would have seen it let alone been in a state to be interviewed or have the where with all to understand the images on the TV screen.

His health had worsened during the early 1970s, and in December 1974 he was admitted to hospital permanently. In early 1975 he suffered a series of strokes brought on by cerebrovascular disease, and died in his sleep of heart failure on 23 April 1975, at the age of 67.[22]

So he was admitted at the time that Robot began broadcasting.

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