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What's the funniest insult (or insulting metaphor) about Nu Who that you've come across?

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A shame the old Hive's gone as there were a few on there (like the one about Moffat doing a dump on the grave of Dr Who), but there's a couple here that occasionally make me laugh out loud, both on the season 10 topic : -

Mr Happy's "I am just glad they haven't renamed it Steven Moffat's Doctor Who. They might as well considering how much he has rubbed his balls all over it."

Or this classic from Ian: "It'll be a ten second moment, while the rest of the story revolves around the Cybusmen design and fucking Missy. Don't get fooled for a minute, it's just more Moffat fan service on the one hand to draw in classic fans like suckers while he's waiting behind the door to clout them in the face with a bucketful of his usual shit."

The submissions don't have to be limited to The Hive!

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