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L'Oreal sacks first transgender model Munroe Bergdorf

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L'Oreal has sacked its first transgender model after claims she posted racist comments online.
Munroe Bergdorf reportedly wrote "all white people" are racist in a Facebook post.

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Good riddance.

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@iank wrote:Good riddance.

Actually I disagree in this instance. She is a total prick and a racist, however I don't think she should be fired. Its not like she was inciting violence or anything. She is entitled to her opinion. Sorry I can't agree with this. Her being fired is a threat to free speech as much as when feminists get people like Tim Hunt fired.

Opinions should not get anyone fired.

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But they do. It's wrong, but until it stops for the other side, I'm all for equality. Big Grin

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Free speech has repercussions - how do people not get that?

She has since said that she is surprised her views are considered extreme, really? I think she is being disingenuous, though, I don't follow the logic that says once you get a high profile job associated with equality that you should then make several public posts calling 87% of the population racist.

She put L'Oreal between a rock and a hard place. They will get shit either way now. However, I do approve of their actions. It needs to be made clear that respect works both ways.

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Chat shit, get sacked.

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Commander Maxil wrote:
@burrunjor wrote:Opinions should not get anyone fired.

It should. If you were the boss and one of your employees started banging on about how verminous he thought black people were would you not give him his cards? Of course you fucking would. It is a complete joke to suggest that anyone can say anything and get away with it because "it's their opinion." To risk having a toxic working environment because of it is foolish.

Yeah but these are the key points here, you have to regard what is practical.
An opinion in itself should not be grounds for termination - and it usually isn't. If it creates practical and observable issues that cannot be easily resolved then it tends towards valid.

If an employee, 'started banging on about how verminous he thought black people were,' - it wouldn't necessarily be a practical issue. If the employer or another employee finds it a problem - and/or if it creates a genuinely and meaningfully 'toxic' work environment - then there are measures that ought to be taken before termination.

If you terminate such a person immediately it isn't on a practical or rational-moral basis but out of spite, as you see such a person as 'immoral' and thus deserving of punishment.

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