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Dalek Movies: A Great Alternate Interpretation or a Load of Old Shit?


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Adam Ant Driver

Dick Tater
I'm not a fan myself, I thought the tv stories did it better.

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"They eventually cast character actor Patrick Troughton, having previously considered another actor, Peter Jeffrey, as well as Peter Cushing, who had played Dr. Who in two Dr. Who movies."

there was an interview with Peter Cushing in which he says that the BBC talked to him about taking over on the TV series - the relevant quote is near the bottom of this page

He also mentions being asked back for a Tom Baker story, which if I remember rightly was for Dr. Solon in The Brain of Morbius.

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For what they are they are OK. The first is just a dull retread and the second... Yeah, I suppose you could say the same but I enjoy it much more. They feel much more like H.G. Wells' The Time Machine which I prefer. I think if you remember they are aimed at different audiences it's easier to be forgiving. They are less dramatic than the series though. And have the same misplaced humour.

I also prefer the Robomen from the film adaptation with their blank stares rather than the lumbering zombies from the TV series. Cool

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I love them but I don't know how much of that is down to childhood affection or not?

I think they are beautifully directed, Cushing's Who is a lovely character for kids and the Daleks are effective. They don't hold back in making them evil and parallels for the Nazi's.

IMO the second is actually better than the tv serial. Its ending makes more sense and it cuts out the fluff. Though to be fair Hartnell's good bye is the most moving moment, but still overall I think the Daleks Invasion Earth 2150 AD is the best of the 4 stories.

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A load of old shit. I find them completely unwatchable myself.

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Can't go wrong with Castle and Cribbons. They steal 'em

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The Dalek designs look taller, chunkier and more stable, making them look more intimidating. The BBC even hired three of them for The Chase which was broadcast before the film’s release. Others were sent to the Cannes Film Festival in 1965 to promote the film.

Here is a pic,

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The movies are what got me into Who. They are pretty cack though, but I love them.

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