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Is there ANY way the Canon can be mended again?

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Okay, a bit of a stupid question I know, but is there ANY way anyone can see the canon being mended again after NuWho's inflicted damage?

Such things include: The Doctor becoming an immortal chav-chasing lotherio sexual braggart foot-soldier, emo-Davros, Titlurians, revising the characters origins, making regeneration a sex change operation, changing the Time Lords into casualised transgenders. Cyber-Brig. Fucking up The Master. Fucking everything up.

Many of those supporting Muppet and Chinballs revisionisms often quote Sydney Newman as the architect of their dumb stupidness, so could Newmans other idea to regenderation of degeneration(regenerating back to earlier incarnation) "fix" the canon again?

So great is the damage done by NuWho, I don't think even this idea could work because it would still leave the Time Lords at the mercy of the regenderation dumbfucktardness, not unless it was a rewind of the lead character's own personal time stream and we retconned a degeneration back to McGann possibly?

Okay, we would still have a snogging Doctor and half-human shit to contend with, but they are insignificant small-fry irritants compared to the subsequent behemoths NuWho has unleashed.  

Does anyone know of anyway canon can possibly be repaired or the show survive beyond a few years of fucking idiot revisionism stupidness?

Maybe a reboot from the start, or cosplayers reenacting missing stories? McCoys Doctor waking from an unpleasant dream Bobby/Dallas style? Colin Baker escaping from a TARDIS cupboard he's been locked in for decades and us all finding out Frobishers been impersonating him all of this time?

How the fuck can it possibly be mended again?

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It can't. The only, only way would be for New Who to be axed, the series to be left off air for twenty years, and then brought back as a reboot from the end of the original series, sweeping this bollocks under the carpet completely.

I won't hold my breath.

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@iank wrote:It can't. The only, only way would be for New Who to be axed, the series to be left off air for twenty years, and then brought back as a reboot from the end of the original series, sweeping this bollocks under the carpet completely.

I won't hold my breath.

That would be difficult to achieve when all of the actors from the Classic Series would most likely be dead, how would you reconcile the two?

Might be better just done as fresh reboot.

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Dick Tater
It can't, but it doesn't need to be.

The option I've longed for all these years is till the most viable alternative: The Eighth Doctor Chronicles. Post-watershed spinoff charting the adventures of the eighth Doctor. They can build up to the Time War if they want to, I don't really have a problem with that.

The fact of Who is that it's really, really flexible. There are endless stories to be told, as Big Finish has proven.

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How do you repair the Time Lords back to being a dusty, archival, bureaucratic custodians of time species rather than a load of trivialised, casualised random gender-benders?

That one is going to require a retcon as equal in measure to the recent revisionisms in NuWho.

How do you make The Doctor a finite being again instead of an immortal hypocrite?

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They could kill the doctor, only for Paul McGann to wake up in the shower and think the last few years have been a dream.

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@Genkimonk wrote:They could kill the doctor, only for Paul McGann to wake up in the shower and think the last few years have been a dream.

That is probably the ONLY way, including wiping out all NuWho in the process Smile

They could maybe have McGann's Doctor addressing the High Council in the Panopticon on Gallifrey and mentioning gender-swap regeneration and all of the Time Lords laughing at him like he's gone mad.

Is there ANY way anyone can think of to save the canon without totally destroying all of NuWho in the process, but maybe just retconning the unpleasant parts like The War Doctor, Cyber-Brig, 13 lives-nerf, titlurians etc and turning the Time Lords into gender-benders?

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Don't forget the race-swapping at the same time as the gender-bending - Timelords must have a BOGOF incentive!

Perhaps the whole Nu Who canon could be discovered to be a cruel illusion generated by the Valeyard via the Matrix? After all he is still at large...

Nu Who: The Beast Must Die.
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Go to 5.18 in that video and there are some interesting things happening to ensure continuity integrity.

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The canon angle is so hopelessly messed up now it's really quite impossible to rectify - so effectvely just begin the show again....

First the show needs a required extended pause after Chibbers (probable) disaster - a few years I'd say

Then you just 're-start' afresh with The Doctor (a decent male actor I'd say at least in his early forties) who is clearly a later Doctor but we don't know which incarnation as the old Robert Holmes limit idea is gone - he's just a 'post classic era show' Doctor who knows of past foes but besides just two of them we don't bring back any others now....

This new Doctor is still travelling through Time and Space in his Police box shaped TARDIS - which recently has started playing up again and WON'T change from a Police Box or follow any programming...he's lost in Time and Space once again...

The Tardis has a recognisable updated version of the classic era console room large but not stupidly 'epic' !

I would jettison almost all continuity aspects besides Daleks and Cybermen (made evil, intelligent and almost impossible to kill) and they get used only occasionally and are NEVER made to look silly - no zillions of flying Daleks just a small but lethal group would be enough - make them TERRIFY a new generation of kids into running back behind the sofa as we had too !!

Restore the show's cutting edge - people CAN and DO die in this version...and STAY DEAD !

also no more bloody daft camp or comedy stories !! Rolling Eyes

Largely it's getting the focus firmly back onto strong exciting FOLLOWABLE stories where The Doctor is restored to being the key figure in the tale whose involvment proves crucial

get the show back out into space on alien planets and spacecraft, back and forward in time - historical figures portrayed far more accurately

LOSE the sop to 'Political correctness' and pandering to feminists and social justice warriors

maybe have a Doctor minus any obligatory Earth female companion for a change - but when a companion is featured make them a likeable companion not a general smart ass !

restore proper storyline construction and credible guest support characters who seem real not just one dimensional paper figures

credible new foes are required - the show needs to return to it's core premise then move forward minus all the continuity claptrap (in the sixties the show wasn't forever wallowing in it's past history neither should it do now)

drop references to Timelords, Gallifrey, UNIT, etc keep the show moving forward

The Doctor must get back to being an inquisitive eccentric brilliant but prone to fallibility at times (due to his own desire to explore) alien enigmatic figure we are drawn to - NOT the cosmic 'know all' who's met everyone, been everywhere, done everything, God like plonker they turned him into - and in truth that began BEFORE nuwho !

make The Doctor a more credible and charismatic figure !

restore HIS face to opening credits, restore a swirling Time vortex over stars opening...with a atmospheric new decent arrangement of the classic Granier/Derbyshire theme tune plus GOOD incidental music...minus all those bloody daft choirs !

I'd opt for two part 50 minute adventures, with the occasional three parter to close a season having strong 'cliff hanger' endings, with NO 'padding' allowed at all and make the stories unique in themselves thus better for any stand alone DVD / Blu Ray releases of say two adventures where you could get a feature film like feeling watching it

Get it FIRMLY back to being 'Doctor Who' not some silly attempt at an American style show - restore the 'Britishness' of it in it's feel tho' it is of course then an international and unworldly show where ALL overseas actors are common too

Any 'proper' new version of it post nuwho needs to :

A) jettison nuwho completely
B) retain a few  classic show core  basics - Doctor, TARDIS,Daleks, Cybermen, theme tune
C) do a bit of updating here and there...
D) then just start again (as in 1963) and go forward

totally  ignoring the horrific nightmare mess that RTD, Moff and no doubt Chibbers have made of nuwho - for the core premise of the original programme if made well is just as interesting as it ever was...

so apart from these few minor 'tweaks' there's nothing much wrong with there ? Wink

just a suggestion

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The Doctor wakes up in bed in the Tardis and Peri brings him some nut roast rolls for breakfast and he tells her of a bad dream he had of being future incarnations in NuWho then he developed breasts and a vagina and woke up. Whilst telling Peri this the Tardis lands in Blackpool circa 1985.

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"There many story of what happened to the Doctor after the Time War. Time was so distorted that it splintered into multiple realities. Some where the Doctor died, Others where he lived. Some where the universe became as if it was written by children, where the laws of gravity were replaced by Coyote falls. Where Regeneration became gender swapping shape shifting madness. Where nothing seemed as it once was.

However, what of the true, genuine timeline. What happened to The Doctor? This is where are story begins."

BBC Press Release 2020

They will probably do something like this after they run the show into the ground so much that there is no other way to salvage it.

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or they will quietly; 'rest the programme for now while it's future is being considered...'

and it will disappear from our TV screens forever...

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