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Ecclestone's Call For A Spiritual Revolution

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Christopher Eccleston believes that he is part of a disappearing breed of working class actors. “People like myself, Sean Bean, Maxine Peake – there’s not going to be people like us coming through in 20 years,” he maintains. The Salford-born former Doctor Who actor is talking to i in the wake of his award-nominated performance in HBO’s The Leftovers, which tells the story of another disappearing act. The show begins with 140 million humans vanishing from the face of the earth with no explanation, in an event known as the ‘sudden departure’. As the show comes to a conclusion after three seasons, Eccleston has been given pause for thought about his time in the US – and the lack of diversity in the British arts.

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I read an article yesterday along these lines, mostly blaming Mr Cumbersquash for this apparent trend.

"To disagree with three-fourths of the British public is one of the first requisites of sanity."

Oscar Wilde
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Doesn't really help though that lower class/working class people have accents which at times are hard to understand.

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