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Would NuWho be better if made in Black and White?

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Apologies if this has been posted before, but the evidence suggests(along with the removal of Murray Gold) that it would:

Probably the best 4 minutes of Capaldi you're ever likely to see.

There's this too:

Not quite sure why Troughton is in the second one, but this stuff is about 100 times more suspenseful and scary looking than the original source material. Bit's of it remind me of Night Of The Living Dead.

If all NuWho was made like this, I think I'd actually be enthused.

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Who at its best was not run by or for 'the fans' - I think that's the real problem here. These tossers, growing up and taking over:

It's never been about the show, but their own egos and sense of entitlement.

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Can't polish a turd Rob. No matter how many tweaks, until we fire the entire production team and hire people who arent fanboys and actually have talent, and not inject SJW and PC BS, we will never have a good show.

I never thought I'd say this, but frankly, I think even a company like Fox would handle DW better than the BBC does.

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Most things are better in black & white, but then as a lover of old films & sitcoms I'm biased.

The problem is that monochrome intrinsically doesn't work alongside self-awareness, which the RTD & Moffat eras equally shoved into the show. However I think the times Nu Who has experimented with the format it has quite often worked - the security camera perspective in Sleep No More, the Doctor-lite of Blink (tho of course that approach also led to Love & Monsters, nuff said).

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