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The Time of the Doctor

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1The Time of the Doctor Empty The Time of the Doctor on Sun Jul 09, 2017 11:21 am

Somebody wrote this on FB:

It's like the Doctor has entered a chinzy Xmas card/chocolate box painting; a snow globe of frozen time. He becomes Mayor, grows old and makes toys for small children. He also brings upon them a savage war that lasts hundreds of years and which he knows will eventually end in all their deaths. And to what end? To bring back the Time Lords, which itself will restart the Time War and kill trillions more. The truth field reveals the Doctor to be a facile, selfish monster, and yet Clara decides that he is the hero of this story and saves him.

If he leaves Trenzalore the war will end. He must know that the Time Lords never returned and the war was futile, but he remains. His presence there is an implicit threat to restart the Time War. It's the bait that draws the other races down to the planet for the Doctor to kill. The Doctor is the hammer and Trenzalore is the anvil. But for what? Ego? Bloodlust? The Church of the Papal Mainframe clearly worship him, even though they must know this futile war will eventually destroy them. What the Doctor is doing is unfathomably evil. How do you come back from that?

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