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Religion of Peace Strikes Again

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51 Re: Religion of Peace Strikes Again on Thu Feb 15, 2018 9:27 pm

I think its funny how the person in the link you shared is trying to say that this happened because he is a Trump supporter, yet all of the Islamic attacks have NOTHING to do with Islam.

Where did Trump say go and kill Muslims, go and shoot up a school?

I'll tell you where Muhammed said to kill all non believers, and where he said for his followers to martyr themselves.

I am worried about the far right, but I can have a clear conscious about its rise for the following reasons.

1/ I haven't undermined left wing politics by associating it with bigotry towards white men.

2/ I have criticised Islam in a fair and reasonable way, by you know actually saying what's wrong with it, and offering peaceful solutions to reforming it, without banning it or tarring all Muslims with the same brush.

3/ I haven't tried to tar all reasonable critics of Islam as Nazis and shut them down which in turn has led to a real bitter hatred against all Muslims from the population and ironically more support to hard line racists.

I support people like Sam Harris here

But when you make sure that people like Sam Harris are associated with the far right, you give them more credibility ironically and allow them to gain greater support.

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52 Re: Religion of Peace Strikes Again on Fri Feb 16, 2018 10:32 am


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53 Re: Religion of Peace Strikes Again on Fri Feb 16, 2018 9:00 pm

@Boofer wrote:Triggered.

Really you still keeping up with this crap even after Mike and Penny have gone. Hmm thought you'd gained some perspective.

I'm not offended. I find it quite funny when you look at the mental gymnastics in this thread. No one has addressed my criticisms of Islam, so they instead have to constantly say that I want to kill all Muslims, I want acid thrown on them, NONE of which I have ever said.

You lot just have to keep pretending that I have said and encouraged that rather than address anything I have actually said. Why go through these gymnastics for Islam? You'd never do the same for any other religion or ideology?

Its quite fascinating in a way. Reminds me of that bit in the Simpsons when Marge tries to tell the guy she wants coffee and he just hears beer. Someone says something valid about why Islam is a dangerous faith and everyone just hears " I WANT TO KILL ALL MUSLIMS, I WANT TO KILL ALL MUSLIMS!"

Just so you know you look like Ben Affleck. Don't be Ben Affleck.

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