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1 Host Rules on Thu May 25, 2017 8:04 pm

Adam Ant Driver

Dick Tater
Just to make sure we're all on the same page, here are the forumotion rules.

Forums that does welcome or promote warez, piracy, hacking, cracking, spamming, attacks against networks or servers, pornography, racial hatred, crimes against humanity, inappropriate activities on the servers, or any other actions which violate any applicable laws, aren't allowed. Any forum which contains texts, links, pictures, animations, videos, classified ads or any other content recognized as Illegal will be deleted without notice or warning. reserves the right to delete any accounts or forums considered not conform to the rules quoted here or specified in or in the international website rules according to the international internet law. Any Illegal content or act and will be reported to the concerned services and prosecuted.

You cannot use the products and services, or associate them to any content or activity which might be harmful to the any individual person's private rights :

  • Contents which are Illegal, harmful, threatening, improper, slanderous, vulgar, obscene or ethically reprehensible.
  • Content which disclose personal datum that could identifies children under age of 18 or which exploit the images.

The users of the Hive are mature legally adults so swearing is allowed.

In the event that anything happens to the forum, you can find the backup here.

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