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Missy to leave the show with Capaldi and Moffat

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The Scottish actress who plays Missy says “it’s the end of a chapter” as she announces she will quit the series when showrunner Moffat steps down.

The Scottish star (who has played villain Missy since 2014) has chosen to say goodbye to the BBC sci-fi series due to the departure of lead actor Peter Capaldi and head writer Steven Moffat this Christmas.

“My pals are going so I’m going,” Gomez told “Everybody’s leaving, so I’m going too. I mean, what would I do without Peter and Steven? Who would I be?

“Nah, it’s done now. It’s over. It’s the end of a chapter,” she confirmed.

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Thank fuck for small mercies.

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She wasn't the best Master...which is a shame as a female Master ought to be have been a seminal role. The material she got was a tad too hammy, I thought her best scene was in killing Osgood, I still get a smile out of lines like "This is our secret girl plan[/wink]"

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@Zarius wrote:She wasn't the best Master...which is a shame as a female Master ought to be have been a seminal role. The material she got was a tad too hammy, I thought her best scene was in killing Osgood, I still get a smile out of lines like "This is our secret girl plan[/wink]"

IMO a female Master is never a good idea. I just don't get why people want it?

We already have a female villain. The Rani. Okay Time and the Rani is garbage, but Mark of the Rani is great and there is a lot of potential in the villain.

Michelle Gomez would have actually been great as the Rani. She looks like Kate O'Mara, and her style of acting would also suit the character.

Two archenemies are better than one. Also the Rani and the Master together were a good team.

A female Master makes a female Doctor almost a certainty which is a terrible idea all around.

IMO the only reason they did it was to pander to the feminist fans and the only reason the feminists want a female Master or indeed a female Doctor is just to take it a role away from men (hence why these feminist fans NEVER watch any tv shows that actually star women.)

Missy is an insult to all Classic Who fans IMO and without any shadow of a doubt the worst incarnation of the Master there has ever been. She isn't just hammy, she is literally a parody of the Master. In the Curse of Fatal Death the Master gets Dalek bumps grafted onto his chest, makes jokes about being girly, falls in love with the Doctor because one of them changes gender and he even spends time in the sewers. All of these things apply to Missy.

Even without the feminist baggage she is still the shittest Master. What has she actually done?

She raised an army of Cybermen and then handed them over to the Doctor without a fail safe. She is beaten by a no thanks.

Then there is the Dalek story where she bums about on Skaro and does.... NOTHING.

And finally her master plan to bring Clara and the Doctor together in series is probably the stupidest badguy plan in anything. Originally she says it was because Clara would nag him? Then later0 it was because apparently because Missy knew that the Doctor would love Clara so much he would be willing to destroy the universe for her.

Leaving aside how stupid that is (how would Pissy Missy even know that he would like Clara?) Ironically Missy ended up creating several of the universe's greatest heroes. Clara was the one who inspired the Doctor to leave Gallifrey, told him what TARDIS to take, saved him in every story of old who etc. Thus no Clara, no Doctor and therefore no UNIT, and no Jack either. Missy is responsible for all of the previous Masters defeats  LOL  And on top of that now Clara is a hero travelling the universe in a TARDIS of her own. In order to make one hero go bad she created several of the universe's greatest heroes who foiled her again and again!

All she has done is kill Osgood, but even then that was shit. To start with it was pointless as hey she was back. Also the scene was stupid as Missy didn't kill Osgood because she was crafty. She was only able to because she suddenly gained teleporting powers out of nowhere, and the soldiers never reacted when she A/ threatened to kill everyone B/ put lipstick on and showed everyone that she had gotten free. C/ Ran across the room and grabbed Osgood and a weapon!

Also most hilariously of all the Doctor and Kate were watching Missy on a giant tv screen that covered the entire wall in front of them and presumably never reacted when she threatened to shoot Osgood, or counted down to it either. LOL

Missy doesn't just need written out, she needs retconned out. I am not saying this applies to you Zarius, but to be honest I think the only reason most fans don't say she is the absolute worst Master of all time is out of fear of being called a sexist.

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Some of my best friends are....

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... cunts?

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Sounds about right. Big Grin

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Dicks, the lot of you
Little and large LOL

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