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What were Classic Who's closest contemporaries?

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Doctor Who is a show that has moved with the times and with changing trends.

But what were the shows at the time that Doctor Who was closest brethren/competition with, or seemed to be inspired by or aspiring toward, or where an unavoidable mirroring seemed to be going on?

I'm going to take a stab at this.

Pertwee era: Quatermass, Captain Scarlet.

Tom Baker era: Survivors, Count Dracula

Peter Davison/Colin Baker era: Blakes' 7, Terrahawks

Sylvester McCoy era: Treasure Hunt, The Comic Strip Presents...., The Girl From Tomorrow

What say you?


Season 7's tone and feel is basically an SF version of Callan. Big Grin


Sapphire and steel seemed to be a close contemporary / competitor for the fourth doctor era.

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