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Heavy problems...

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1Heavy problems... Empty Heavy problems... on Sat Jul 13, 2019 11:31 pm

Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein
Hey guys,

I’ve got myself into a situation and I wanna share it with you guys. It’s kinda heavy.

So, my mom has the hots for me and I just don’t know what to do. My dad won’t ask her out because, well, he’s a bit of a loser. It’s my fault really because I prevented him from getting hit by the car which would have resulted in my mom feeling sorry for him but instead the car hit me and…well, it’s all a bit of a mess. I’ve thankfully found my old buddy Doc Brown and we’ve devised a plan to get my parents to fall in love. I’ll let you know if it’s successful.

Did I also mention I time traveled thirty years into the past? Neat, huh? Anyway, my mo- Lorraine has somehow tracked me down and is now outside the door so I better go.

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At last, a genuinely funny parody account! Wink

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Who's president of the united states Calvin?

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