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Adam Ant Driver | Published thu 15 Jun 2017, 6:23 pm | 723 Views

Welcome the first ever issue of the Hive's very own Doctor Who fanzine... That's another one to add to the shit pile. Excited? Us Neither! For those of you un-cool cats who aren't in the know, the Hive is an internet forum--once described as being "a den of twats"--that sometimes discusses Doctor Who.

The Hive has recently changed host and admin, I guess you could say it's going through a regeneration of sorts. Heh, get it? Clever little play on words, wasn't it? My writing is as smart as Steven Moffat's if I do say so myself, which I don't! Because:
1) doing so would make my an arrogant little dick, and that's simply not true, I'm average size... though I do have a small dick.
2) Any idiot who thinks Moffat's writing is smart should print this fanzine off and use it to pad their walls.

But yeah, the Hive and its members are riding this new energy and using it to produce a fanzine. "What's in it?" I hear you ask. I don't really, and I'm not going to answer the question you didn't ask, because I'm not even sure yet.

You see, in a shocking turn of events, this little Doctor Who community isn't especially crazy about Doctor Who these days, especially not the revival era. Whatever we put out, don't expect much of it to be positive about modern Doctor Who or its spin-offs. Don't be surprised if some articles have nothing to do with the Doctor Who universe at all.

If you don't like it, you can join the forum and write your own material to be added in future issues. Go ahead, you can find us at or you can just not read the thing, we don't care.

Enjoy... Or not, you donkey felching fuck wits.

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